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When a Fabric Combination Just Wows!

Have you ever had a fabric combo in mind, that once sewn came together even better than you had imagined? What do you do next? Sew all the things in this combo? Sew just that one thing a few more times? Leave it as a "one-time" exclusive? This was how I felt after I sewed my first Ascent in the combination of Serene Seafoam on canvas, white vinyl, and rose gold hardware. Where do I go from here? The push to sew more would come with a little help from outside of me!

My sister asked if I could use this same combo, but instead make a Cascade Crossbody. I jumped at the thought! Surely this combo would be perfect for Cascade as well! We sketched a few mockups of the possible variations and settled on the perfect one. For Cascade, though, I chose Serene Seafoam on vinyl. I loved how the canvas had given Ascent a soft look and feel, but for Cascade I wanted that sleek, modern vibe. It came together so beautifully!

The saying is "the beauty is in the details", right? Well, I certainly had fun with that on this Cascade! I did a slight hack to add a zipper to the middle section. I simply followed the instructions for the back section, and took into account the size difference of the back and middle sections. I left the middle section simple, though, omitting the interior zipper pocket and slip pocket. The back section I added just a little pop! of Seafoam by adding zipper tabs to the interior window zipper. I love how the Seafoam gently plays off the Faux Linen interior.

The fun came while I was waiting for my Serene Seafoam to arrive. I got a request for another Ascent from the original owner! She wanted a twin to hers! I was in luck, too, as there was Seafoam on canvas waiting in retail! I immediately ordered it and was so excited to see what Ascent and Cascade would look like as a set (even if only for a moment before shipping them to their new homes). It was neat getting to see that twin Ascent come together, too. It was just as beautiful the second time being sewn up as the first!