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  • Capparis Belt Bag Tester Round-up!

    We are thrilled to announce TSM's newest pattern, the Capparis Belt Bag! Capparis is the perfect bag to customize to your needs, whether you're just going for a quick walk, or a longer day outing! Traveling hands free is always a bonus, but with Capparis you can choose the perfect size for you, whether that be Small, Medium, or Large, and choose the Wear Variation that speaks most to your personal style! We hope you love Capparis as much as we do! Below you will find the Tester Round-Up where you get a more in depth look at our amazingly talented Tester's Capparis'. Their materials used are listed to help give you inspiration as you begin to make your own Capparis! Thank you for joining us! -Tara Rittenhouse, Capparis Belt Bag Designer Tara Rittenhouse (Capparis White, Bag 1) Exterior-TSM Canvas Interior-TSM Luxury Cotton Hardware & Webbing- Idlebloom, MyHandmadeSpace, Bedazzled Supplies Size: Small, Wear Variation 3 Tara Rittenhouse (Capparis Black, Bag 2) Exterior-TSM Canvas Interior-TSM Luxury Cotton Hardware & Webbing-Idlebloom, TSM, IndoLoveKreation Size: Medium, Wear Variation 1 Tara Rittenhouse (Bag 3) Exterior-Marine Vinyl from Joann Fabrics Interior-TSM Canvas Hardware & Webbing-TSM, IndoLoveKreation, and Bedazzled Supplies Size: Large, Wear Variation 2 Tara Rittenhouse (Summer Glow, Bag 4) Exterior-TSM Faux Leather and Marine Vinyl from Joann Fabrics Interior-TSM Stretch Woven Hardware & Webbing: Idlebloom, Bedazzled Supplies, TSM Size: Large, Wear Variation 3 Meg Loven (Illusion) Exterior- TSM Faux Leather Interior- Waterproof Canvas Hardware & Webbing- SewManyCreationsNYC and personal stash Size: Small, Wear Variation 1 Rosa Zerkle (Rocker Roses) Exterior- TSM Vinyl, MyPunkBroidery Interior-Waterproof Canvas Hardware & Webbing- New Moxie and Sew Yours Size: Large, Wear Variation 1 Paula Coleman Barron (Insurgent) Exterior-TSM Canvas Interior-Cotton woven Hardware & Webbing- Idleblooms Size: Medium, Wear Variation 1 Yuli Sung (Mystic Cavern) Exterior-TSM Canvas Interior-Quilting Cotton Hardware & Webbing- IndoLoveKreation and Weft&Warp Co Size: Medium, Wear Variation 1 Susan Francis Exterior- TSM Vinyl Interior- Quilting Cotton Hardware & Webbing- Emmaline and Amazon Size: Medium, Wear Variation 1 Kayla Murphy (Snow Shattered Glass) Exterior-TSM Canvas Interior-TSM Luxury Cotton Hardware-Emmaline & Idleblooms Size: Medium, Wear Variation 3 Tori Priest (Divine Glacier) Exterior-TSM Canvas, Vinyl from The Fabric Snob Interior-Woven from personal stash Hardware & Webbing- The Fabric Snob, Amazon, and Emmaline Size: Small, Wear Variation 1 Krystol Ithomitis (Black Faux Linen) Exterior-TSM Faux Leather Interior-TSM Luxury Cotton Hardware & Webbing- Idlebloom and Emmaline Size: Medium, Wear Variation 3 Chandy Mueller (Hey Honey-Black) Exterior-TSM Canvas Interior-TSM Stretch Woven Hardware & Webbing- Ait Said Creations, Zor-Elle Fabrics & Hardware, Emmaline Size: Medium, Wear Variation 3 Andrea Soo (Anenome) Exterior-TSM Canvas, Faux Leather from Emmaline Interior-Cotton Woven from personal stash Hardware-Zipper Valley, Emmaline, Blue Calla Size: Medium, Wear Variation 1 Nikki Scott Exterior- Vinyl from Fabrictopia Interior- Woven from Blended Threads Hardware & Webbing- Nina's Notions and Country Brook Designs Size: Small, Wear Variation 1 Tessa Silva-Mathews (Free Spirit, bag 1) Exterior- TSM Vinyl Interior- Waterproof Canvas Hardware & Webbing- Wawak Size: Medium, Wear Variation 1 Tessa Silva-Mathews (Rhythymic Flow, Forrest, bag 2) Exterior- TSM Vinyl Interior- personal stash Hardware & Webbing-Wawak Size: Small, Wear Variation 1 Tessa Silva-Mathews (Floral Skulls Garden Boquet, Bag 3) Exterior-TSM Vinyl and Vinyl from Joann Fabrics Interior-Personal Stash Hardware & Webbing-Wawak Size: Hacked size, Wear Variation 1 Tessa Silva-Mathews (Bag 4) Exterior-Vinyl from Personal Stash Interior- Waterproof Canvas from Wonderground Fabrics Hardware & Webbing- Wawak Size: Small, Wear Variation 1 Kendel Walker (Language of Flowers) Exterior- TSM Printed Faux Leather, and Rio solid Interior-TSM Stretch Woven Hardware & Webbing- My Handmade Space Size- Large, Wear Variation 1 Vivianne Fortier Exterior- Faux Leather from Club Tissus Interior- Linen from Fabricland Hardware & Webbing- Wawak and Personal Stash Size: Small, Wear Variation 1 'Denise Wood Exterior- Vinyl from MyPunkBroidery Interior- personal stash Hardware & Webbing- IndoLove Kreations and personal stash Size: Small, Wear Variation 1 Sharon Patterson Thomas (Bag 1) Exterior- TSM Rio Interior- TSM Stretch Woven Hardware & Webbing- TSM, Idlebloom, and Wawak Size: Medium, Wear Variation 3 Sharon Patterson Thomas (Floral Silhouette, Bag 2) Exterior- TSM Canvas Interior- Quilting Cotton Hardware & Webbing: Idlebloom Size: Medium, Wear Variation 3 Susi Schuegraf (Leopard Lux) Exterior- TSM Faux Leather Interior- Waterproof Canvas from MoreMeKnow Hardware & Webbing- Emmaline and Wawak Size: Large, Wear Variation 1 Charlene DuBeau Exterior- Mora Faux Leather from Emmaline Interior- Canvas from Blended Threads Fabrics Hardware & Webbing- Emmaline, Sew Many Creations, Amazon Size: Medium, Wear Variation 3 Danielle Allen (Rapture, Bag 1) Exterior- TSM Faux Leather Interior- Personal Stash Hardware & Webbing- Emmaline and Amazon Size: Medium, Wear Variation Danielle Allen (Wayward Rose, Bag 2) Exterior- TSM Canvas and Rio Faux Leather Interior-Personal Stash Hardware & Webbing- Amazon Size: Small, Wear Variation 2 Teal Keller (Tawny Leopard) Exterior- TSM Vinyl Interior- Waterproof Canvas from Nick of Time Textiles Hardware- My Handmade Space and Amazon Size: Medium, Wear Variation 3 Brianna Burdett Exterior- Faux Leather from MyPunkBroidery Interior- TSM Luxury Cotton Hardware & Webbing- Joann Fabrics Size: Small, Wear Variation 2 Eva Buchel Exterior-Vinyl from Coffins and Diamonds Interior-Quilting Cotton from Alexander Henry Hardware & Webbing-Idlebloom, IndoLoveKreation, Amazon Size: Large, Wear Variation 3 Karen Denham (Navy Watercolor Floral) Exterior- TSM Canvas Interior- Quilting Cotton Hardware & Webbing- My Handmade Space, Idlebloom, Such Good Supply Size: Large, Wear Variation 3 Sarah Honeyford Austin Exterior- Canvas Interior- Quilting Cotton Hardware- Wawak and Zipper Valley Size: Medium, Wear Variation 1 Holly Ward Exterior- Canvas from Joann Fabrics Interior- Quilting Cotton from Joann Fabrics Hardware & Webbing- Joann Fabrics Size: Small, Wear Variation 1 Jocie Goldman (Lavender Flowers) Exterior- TSM Vinyl Interior- Joann Fabrics Hardware & Webbing-Zipper Valley and Amazon Size- Small, Wear Variation 1 Alex Soelke Exterior-TSM Rio Interior-Quilting Cotton from Local Shop Hardware & Webbing- Weft&Warp Co and Amazon Size: Small, Wear Variation 3 Jacqueline De La Torre Exterior- Vinyl from Joann Fabrics Interior- personal stash Hardware & Webbing- Local Shop Size: Small, Wear Variation 2 Ashley Oliver Exterior-TSM Vinyl Interior- Joann Fabrics Hardware & Webbing- Amazon Size: Small, Wear Variation 1 Shelly Andrews Exterior-TSM Rio Interior-Cotton woven from Walmart Hardware & Webbing- IndoLoveKreations Size: Medium, Wear Variation 3

  • TSM Influencer Spotlight, February: Amii Jordan Mannings

    Our TSM team is full of many inspiring, humble, and talented sewists. February, the month of love, compassion, and friendship, we celebrate our Influencer Spotlight. Amii Jordan Mannings has several years of sewing experience, a great sense of fashion, and is so kind-spirited. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! TSM: When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up? Amii: I always wanted to be a fashion designer. I would put on fashion shows for my dogs with random clothing from my mom’s closet, including her heels! TSM: I think that was my dream too. Do you feel that wanting to be a fashion designer started your creativity to begin sewing? Amii: Absolutely, although I didn’t start sewing until later in life. TSM: What was your favorite yet craziest outfit that you created? Amii: The wildest outfit was my mom’s fur coat over a sparkly t-shirt. I used her pantyhose (that I wrapped around my waist and stuffed into her high heels). The funniest part about it all is that we lived in the Philippines at the time, and I was sweating my butt off. TSM: Oh my! I can picture a younger you dressing up. So, are you from the Philippines? Amii: Yes ma’am. I was born on Clark Air Force Base. We lived there until I was 10 years old. TSM: I find this really cool. Were you a military child? Amii: Yes! I am also a veteran. I served in the Navy. TSM: Thank you so much for your service. We appreciate your sacrifice. TSM: Earlier you stated you started sewing later in life, what was the first thing you sewed? Amii: It was a leotard for my daughter. I started sewing honestly out of necessity. She has a short torso and I was having to have all of her costumes and class leotards altered. That was starting to get too expensive! TSM: Wow, that is a great way to look at why you started. Out of need to save financially. Not to mention, now she has leotards that fit properly. TSM: How long have you been sewing? Amii: I would say about 8 years. Even though it feels like forever ago when I started. TSM: Eight years is a long time. During your sewing journey, what is or was your favorite technique or tool you used? Amii: Hands down the burrito method! I love clean finishes and it’s so easy to achieve with the burrito method. TSM: The burrito roll method is a game changer to avoid bindings and bands. Clean finishes or making things reversible with that method is a game changer. Amii: Definitely, a game changer. It took me a minute to figure it out, but I think it was the wording in some of the tutorials. As soon as I saw a video, it was game over. TSM: The visuals help so much. What is your favorite outfit you have sewn? Amii: Mmm… this is a tough one. I have to say a blazer. I usually don’t gravitate to color, but the blazer made with the Good Vibes print made me feel amazing. TSM: Is there a new technique or method you want to learn? Amii: Does bag making count? I really want to learn how. TSM: Bag making totally counts. I must warn you, making them is addicting and a whole other level of expensive. Amii: Story of my life! TSM: It is so worth it and satisfying to see your finished product. Maybe one day soon we will see you on the TSM Pattern Test team. Amii: Only if it is beginner friendly. Seriously, I’m going to try to make the Opal organizer. TSM: We can’t wait to see it. I know earlier you said one of your most favorite things you made was the blazer. Now is that your favorite pattern at this current time? Amii: I think my favorite pattern right now is the Made for Mermaids Scarlett. It’s so flattering. I have made so many versions of it too. TSM: Scarlett is a great pattern, and you look fabulous in it. Amii: Thank you. TSM: Now we are all waiting in here in suspense. What is your favorite TSM print? Amii: My favorite TSM print is definitely Sandstone Desert. I absolutely adore all the neutral tones in it! TSM: Sandstone Desert from the Alcohol Inks round is beautiful with its natural and neutral colors. Did you use Liverpool? Amii: Yes! The texture of Liverpool and the color of Sandstone Desert is perfection. TSM: What was the name of the pattern you used for the Sandstone print? Amii: I used the Melissa Sweatshirt from DIBY patterns. TSM: Your top was a sweatshirt? I would not have guessed that as it was so classy and business attire. Amii: That is Liverpool for you. It makes any pattern look dressy in my opinion. TSM: You are such a fun and high energy spirit, what is something unique about you? Amii: Hmmm… these are hard questions. Amii: I’m extremely passionate about my hobbies. When I get interested in something, I go all in. For example, I got interested in gardening and I literally researched everything about it. I even went so far to get a Master Gardening Certification from LSU. Now my backyard is a mini farm. TSM: That is impressive. You answered my next question. Just in case you missed something you wanted to add, I will ask anyway. What are your hobbies and interests? Amii: Gardening, music, cooking, traveling and anything outdoors especially hiking and foraging. I’m obsessed right now about being sustainable. TSM: Your gardening and harvest look amazing. Would you say this is your self-care for yourself or do you use other methods to make time for you? Amii: Thank you! It is definitely self-care. The last couple of years I developed so many health problems. My doctors couldn’t give me definite answers. I decided to change how and what I ate. Gardening gives me the control over what I put into my body, and I am slowly healing myself. It’s a very rewarding thing. TSM: That is wonderful. Growing your own food and cutting out all the preservatives, chemicals, and pesticides that you may obtain with store bought food. You mentioned you like to travel. Where would you like to go? Amii: I have recently traveled to Jamaica and would love to plan a trip to Africa. TSM: Those truly sound like gorgeous places to visit. We cannot wait to hear about them. TSM: Amii we really want to thank you for taking time out of your busy evening to spend time with us. We appreciate you sharing a little more about yourself. We look forward to seeing more of your beautiful makes and your start to bag making.

  • Opal Organizer Tester Inspiration!

    The Styled Magnolia is so excited to release our second Freebie pattern, the Opal Organizer! Opal was designed as a way to keep your tablets, planners, or small notebooks protected and with the pen/stylus pockets, you won’t find yourself searching EVERYWHERE for the pen you KNEW you had just yesterday (or is that just me? I swear they are always easy to find until you actually need one) Our team sewed so many amazing Opal Organizers using a variety of fabrics and stabilizers. This pattern works perfectly with TSM vinyl or faux leather, luxury cotton, stretch woven, and even canvas! We can’t wait to see what creativity you bring to the Opal Organizer as well! Please be sure to share all of your Opal Organizers in our Facebook group! -Danielle, Opal Organizer Designer

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  • The Styled Magnolia Custom Fabrics


  • FAQ | The Styled Magnolia

    FAQ Welcome to The Styled Magnolia Fabrics & Patterns ! Below are some important details and information to help you with any questions you may have regarding placing an order and much more. ​ How do I contact you? Contact us anytime by email via the website Contact p age or vi a the Chat button (regardless of online status) at the bottom right. We are available Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm CST. ​ ​ Where do I check order statuses? The status of all orders can be found on our Order Sta tus page . We provided weekly to bi-weekly updates on each round and include the deadline date we aim to ship all orders by. ​ Is there a Destash B/S/T Group? Yes. If you’re looking for specific fabric that is no longer in stock, trying to sell, or looking to trade, please join the following group: Click Here: TSM Destash B/S/T Group ​ How do I download previously purchased patterns? Upon completion of your pattern purchase, you will receive a download link in the order confirmation screen, and an email good for a 30 day download. If you missplace your email or 30 days have past, you can download any previously purchased TSM patterns, anytime you need, and as many times as you need by logging into your account and clicking on the MY DOWNLOADS tab. I'm having issues downloading or opening a patterns? We extensively test the ability to download and open all our products before making them available for download to customers. Any issues that arrise with downloading patterns or opening the zip drive or files inside the zip drive are related your individual device's software, programs, settings, memory, etc. We always recommend when having issues, to try a different device to see if that resolves your issues. We are not experts in every device available on the market, however we are willing to help you troubleshoot your issues if you email our website and provide detail about the device you are using and if you are receiving any sort of error messages. ​ What fabric do you currently print on? All fabric is sold by the half yard (cut continously), unless sold as a panel. Directional designs printed on Athletic Fabrics (ABP, Endurance and Stretch Woven) are printed vertically to reduce white when stretched. You can find a list of our fabrics on our Fabric Contents page. ​ ***Because reactive ink and different printing processes are used for each type of fabric, there can be differences in colors between them, please keep this in mind when ordering different fabrics for a single project. Also, weight and texture of the fabric can vary slightly each time fabric is milled. Although we strive to keep it consistant for our customers, small production lots doesn't always allow for it.*** ​ What are the sizes of your Shirt Panels? ​ Infant/Child Panel: Approx. 18in x 36in Adult Panel: Approx. 29in x 36in How do pre-orders work? Pre-orders are placed via our website and found in the Pre-Order section. ​ 1. Choose from a select number of fabric designs that are available for a limited time. This is called a "Round." Each round is typically open for ordering for 15 days and closes on the final day of the month at 11:59pm CST, unless otherwise stated at the top of the Pre-Order page. 2. Once you know which fabric design(s) you would like printed, go to that listing, and select from the drop down options. Options may include (but not limited to), quanity of half yards (fabric is cut continously), the base fabric you would like it printed on, the scale, color, or any other available options. Then add it to your cart and check out once you have completed shopping. Payment is due at time of purchase. ​ 3. BE AWARE Pre-order fabric is NOT in stock. Turn around time is roughly 8 to 10 weeks from order submit date to ship to us, and up to 2 weeks to cut, pack, and ship to customers . Often this turn around is much shorter because we ship order to customers once everything in the order is accounted for, however please note that this is only an estimate and can take longer due to things beyond our control (i.e. customs delays, holidays, reprinting). We highly suggest to not make arrangements or promise deadlines to your customers outside of these time frames stated as we do not work around promised dates. If you are uncomfortable with the time frame provided, please do not preorder. ​ 4. Continuous yardage is always a priority, however it is not guaranteed you will receive continuous yardage if you are ordering more than 5 yard. If you can not accept split yardage, It is asked that you do not place a fabric pre-order. We will always contact the customer before shipping the fabric out to ensure it is still usable for their project. 5. You can check the status of any round you have ordered from by going to the Order Status page on our website. We add updates weekly to bi-weekly as updates are available. Please try to limited emailing asking for the status of your order if you have not check the order status page or if we are still within the 8 to 12 week shipping window. We will always email customers if we feel that any delays may cause the order to be shipped later than what we promised. ​ ​ DO NOT order in-stock items with Pre-order items. Orders must be submitted separately or they may be cancelled and refunded. ​ How does Pick-A-Print orders work? Pick-A-Print is designs that are available for CUSTOM PRINTING at any time. Orders are placed on our website via PayPal. Payment is due at time of purchase. Fabric is NOT in stock and CAN NOT be ordered with Retail unless otherwise specified. Orders must be submitted separately or they will be canceled and refunded. Orders will be submitted to the printer around the 1st of each month or with the next preorder, whichever comes first. Turn around time and continuous yardage rules are the same as Pre-ordered fabric ​ DO NOT order in-stock items with Pick-A-Print items. Orders must be submitted separately or they may be cancelled and refunded. ​ Do you offer in stock retail & are prices different than preorder and pick-a-print? We do not charge more for our retail fabric. However unlike pre-order and pick-a-print where you can get your fabric printed continuously, all printed retail fabric is precut in 1 to 2 yard increments, unless otherwise specified, and available in limited quantity. We do not bulk print custom fabric for stocking retail. What goes up on the website is over printed fabric from other orders, so there is no guarentee after a preorder closes that the design and fabric you want will be available. If you need somethign specific, we recommend preordering. Noncustom fabric will be cut continously off the roll. ​ If you’re wanting to purchase both retail and from an open pre-order at the same time, please note that you must submit two separate orders. If an order is received with both, the order will be refunded and you will be asked to resubmit two separate orders. ​ Please allow up to 7 DAYS or so for packing and shipping of retail orders. If we are able to get it out to you sooner we will do so. ​ ​ Do you offer custom printing of personal designs? Yes, we do offer custom printing of a design you supply. Please complete our Custom Order Form CUSTOM ORDERS ARE SUBMITTED WITH OPEN ROUNDS AND SUBJECT TO THE SAME POLICIES. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via the Contact page before ordering. Do you offer layaway? Yes! TSM accepts PayPal Credit. For questions on how PayPal Credit works please visit the following website: ​ My address has changed since I purchased; what do I do? Please make sure your shipping address is correct at the time of your order. In a situation where the address has changed after the order has been placed, there are two option: 1. Verify that there is an active mail forwarding address in place with your post office; or 2. Reach out to us via the Contact page and notify us of th e address change. Per PayPal Policy, we can only mail to the address selected at the time the order was placed, shipp ing it elsewhere will break PayPal Protection. To keep PayPal protection intact, we have to cancel and refund the order, then email a manual invoice to recollect payment and allow you to choose the correct mailing address in PayPal. The invoice will include a 2% processing fee for orders over $300 . ​ Do you offer a discount for bulk/wholesale orders? Yes. PRE-ORDER/PICK-A-PRINT purchases of 10+ yards or more of a single print and fabric or orders with 50+ yards total a re eligible for a 10% discount. Please request code by messaging the website. Code may only be used to place an order with bulk yardage. When purchasing 10 yards of a single print and fabric, do not include any other items on the order with this coupon code unless all prints are being purchased meet the 10+ yards requirement. Orders placed where this code is used incorrectly will have their order cancelled and refunded. You may purchase smaller quantities of other designs in a separate order and leave a note at checkout to combine shipping on both orders. Shipping overages will be refunded when the order ships. What are your shipping rates? Shipping rates are calculated at checkout and determined by USPS . However we always manually check rates for UPS and FedEx at the time of shipping and select the most economical option available and refund shipping overages over $2/usd. Typically USPS Flat Rate is the most economical. The larger the order or Vinyl/Faux Leather which needs to be rolled, are more than likely going to ship UPS which is often cheaper than the USPS rates your cart quotes. In those cases, you are likely to recieve a refund for shipping overages. Do you offer local pickup? YES! Please select Local Pick up at check out. Once your order is ready to ship, we will reach out via email to schedule a pick up time. What happens if USPS loses my package? The Styled Magnolia, LLC takes full responsibility of ensuring your package is delivered to you. Should a package be lost by USPS and not be shown as delivered, please reach out to us using the CONTACT page and let us know. We will file a claim with USPS ( ) so they can make the official determination of the status of the package. We just ask that customers be patient with us and allow USPS the time to do their research and confirm the package is indeed lost. We will keep you posted on the status as updates are provided to us. Once the claim is closed as Lost, we will issue a 100% refund for your order. If you wish to reorder your fabric, we will issue you a new invoice and the order will be submitted with the next order submission. NOTE: YOU MUST NOTIFY US BEFORE 60 DAYS OF WHEN THE ORDER WAS SHIPPED OR USPS HAS THE RIGHT TO DENY ANY REFUNDS OR CLAIMS. ​ Do you require signatures upon delivery? Only for orders greater than $350/usd will require signatures upon delivery. Signatures can NOT be waived. Do you combine multiple orders? YES! We automatically try to combine any order placed by a single customer (shipping to the same address) during a single month (or print period). When all the items arrive in the orders, we price find the most econolical way to ship everything and refund any shipping overages over $2/usd. However keep in mind, combining is not guaranteed (in some cases it's not actually cheaper) and same design and base ordered in to different orders WILL NOT be cut continuously. Why is there sometimes a difference in the colors of a single design on different base fabrics? Different types of fabric (ie. Cotton vs Polyester vs Bamboo vs Rayon) require different type of printing processes, printers, and because a reactive ink processes is used, how fabric responds to colors can result in different shades when printing a single design across different fabrics. It's important to keep this in mind when ordering different bases for a single project as they may not match colorwise perfectly. ​ ​ What are the fabric care in structions? Although all fabrics can be washed in whatever manner the customer chooses, however to keep your garment looking as nice as the day you made them we recomment washing on cold and letting air dry. Using a color catcher with the first washing is a good practice, but not necessarily required. If using an iron, use on low heat to minimize color transfer. What is the Fabric Flaw Policy? All minimum widths of our fabrics are specified on the FAQ page of our website and within each individual listing. Width may vary across fabric bases. Yardage is cut to ensure you have at least a full 36 inches of useable fabric per yard before washing and drying. ​ Flaws NOT covered: With Digital Reactive Ink printing, there may be occasionally flaws throughout the fabric. Especially with custom printed or dyed fabrics this is not unusual, especially to have flaws close to the selvage, tiny speckles throughout the design, heathering in some colors, or extra ink absorption. Flaws smaller than a quarter and/or within 6 inches of the selvage are not considered flaws. Uneven selvages. Fabric is always cut straight at the top and bottom with the pattern of the fabric ensuring you get a full cut of even printed fabric. Depending on how it was rolled on the bolt and stretched, it may not always line up on the sides perfectly, its knit and stretchy. Marker marks at end of cut by printer and general printing marks on the backside of fabric. If it does not interfere or damage the front of the printed side of the fabric it is not covered. Color variations between bases. Variations are normal due to different printing processes. Slight color variations from the strike-offs to the bulk round order are not uncommon. Also, please be aware that slight fading of fabrics after washing is not a flaw. All fabric is prewashed by the printer; since we can not control your fabric washing and care routines discounts will not be issued for shrinkage. ​ If you have a question about whether or not something you received has flaws, please reach out to us via the CONTACT page. We do our best to look the yardage over thoroughly but we are human and we may miss things occasionally but we try to ensure the highest quality fabric is sent to our customers only. ​ What is the Refund Policy? Flaws covered in the FABRIC FLAW POLICY will be issued as a refunds, shop credit, or an exchange (when replacement fabric is available). Buyer must contact The Styled Magnolia via the website within 7 DAYS from the date tracking shows the package was delivered. Washed and cut fabric invalidates your claim to any compensation. Refunds for pre-order fabric will not be given for buyer’s remorse, not reading the all terms on the FAQ page, or for orders taking too long. Please message us through the website's CONTACT page so that we may help you with your order. Claims & Disputes Any PayPal Dispute or claim filed without first contacting the shop privately first in attempt to reach a resolution will result in all current orders being cancelled/refunded and the immediate removal from the group. All terms of sale and policies are subject to change at any time at The Styled Magnolia, LLC discretion. The Styled Magnolia, LLC has the right to refuse service to anyone and refund or cancel pending orders at our discretion. BY PURCHASING FROM THIS SIT E YOU ARE AGREEING TO THE TERMS OF SALE AS NOTED ON THIS SITE.

  • Contact Us | The Styled Magnolia

    First Name Last Name Email Request Type Choose from dropdown arrow&v Order # Detailed Message Here Upload File Upload supported file (Max 15MB) I have reviewed the recent order status updates BEFORE asking for the status of my Pre-order/Pick-a-Print order. View Order Status I have reviewed the FAQ page first to see if it answers my question. View FAQ page I have logged into my account and verified that my patterns can be downloaded from the MY DOWNLOADS tab. Submit Thanks! We will be in touch! CONTACT US LOCATION Cypress, TX, USA JOIN US ON FACEBOOK Stay up to date on all our latest fabric designs, delivery timelines, giveaways, and so much more! The Styled Magnolia Fabrics & Patterns ​

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