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  • TSM Influencer Spotlight, September: Danielle Allen

    Our September Influencer Spotlight is with Danielle Allen. Danielle is so sweet, talented, and encouraging. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about her! TSM-Good Morning Danielle! Thank you so much for joining us this morning for our Influencer Spotlight. Danielle- You are welcome. I am glad to be here. TSM- How long have you been on the TSM team? Danielle- I have been with the team for about 2 years. The start of my journey was back in 2019, I believe. Let me check. I started as a Guest Influencer in January of 2020. TSM- What is something unknown to others or what you consider unique about you. Danielle- Ummm there really isn’t, I don’t really know. TSM- Do you do a lot of Do-it-Yourself projects? Danielle- Yes, we do. We made our own bar for the house and I poured epoxy on the top. It looks so beautiful. TSM- Besides the bar what other DIY projects have you done? Danielle- We have made bunk beds and a chicken coup. I really like having chickens. . TSM- What would you say is the hardest part about DIY projects? Danielle- The hardest part was agreeing on what needs to be done and how, yet listening to what the other person says so we can learn. My husband and I each have our own area of expertise. TSM- What started you on your sewing journey? Danielle-I first started with making cloth diapers. I then was asked by someone to make one of those car seat canopies. I told them that I could make it. Then someone else asked me to make a hoodie for their child. I practiced on my own kids first then made a hoodie for that person. One day I decided to make myself a pair of leggings and then it just continued from there. Once my daughter was born, I started making dresses for her. TSM- What is your favorite tool or technique to use while sewing? Danielle- The faux flatlock is one of my favorite techniques to use. I really want to get another machine to leave in that set up. That way I do not have to keep re-threading or setting up the machine. TSM- I agree. Having a separate machine to be left up in any setup or thread would make projects easier. TSM-What makes Flat lock your favorite? Danielle- I think I just really love the look and the feel of the flat seams. TSM- What is your favorite thing to sew? Danielle- I prefer to sew athletic gear. TSM- Why? Danielle-It is basically what I live in. I feel I get the most use out of it. TSM- What is your all-time favorite pattern? Danielle- The Boulders leggings by Styla Patterns. TSM- Do you sew more for yourself or others? Danielle-I sew for myself and my daughter mostly. I enjoy sewing for my clients too, it just takes longer because I make sure to get everything as close to perfect as I can for them and do not have to worry about when I sew for my household. TSM- What is your favorite TSM Design? Danielle-Leopard Glow is my favorite. It was so hard for me to choose. I had to put that and Somber Serpent next to each other. Somber Serpent was a favorite though, but Leopard Glow makes me happier. TSM-What design or print do you wear the most. Danielle- I wear the Greenstyle rally shorts the most. They get the most wear. . TSM- We would love to support you in your sewing endeavors! Do you have a sewing business we can visit? Danielle- Yes, I have my business Dabbling with Danielle. You can find it at TSM- What is something you look forward to sewing in the future? Danielle- I was talking with a fellow influencer and I want to make one of the Hiraeth bags from Lavender and Twine. TSM- Have you decided on the print/material you will use yet? Danielle- I have not decided which prints to use. It will most likely be a faux leather mixed with a solid. TSM- We cannot wait to see it. We know it will look amazing. TSM- Danielle we want to thank you for joining us in our September, Influencer Spotlight. You are such an amazing person and have such great talent. It was really nice getting to catch up with you and learning a little bit more.

  • Equinox Yoga and Gym Bag Tester Round-Up!

    Presenting our Equinox Tester Round-Up! Containing both Tester Yoga and Gym bags in one place with where our Team sourced their hardware and fabrics. Enjoy! Equinox Yoga Bag (available in Small, Medium, and Large) Sonia Jessop (medium): Fabric- TSM Canvas (Equinox), TSM Stretch Mesh Hardware-TSM and Sallie Tomato Sonia Jessop (Large): Fabric-TSM Luxury Cotton (Malevolent Rose) Hardware- TSM and Sallie Tomato Holly Lange (Bag 1 Large): Fabric- TSM Canvas (Bokeh Lights), TSM Stretch Woven Hardware- Idleblooms Holly Lange (Bag 2 Small): Fabric- Joann Fabrics and local shop Hardware- Idleblooms and Joann Fabrics Tessa Silva-Mathews (large): Fabric- Canvas from Joann Fabrics Hardware- Wawak Nikki Scott (medium): Fabric- TSM Canvas (Garden of Utopia), TSM Stretch Woven Hardware- Idleblooms Susi Schuegraf (Bag 1 small): Fabric- Board Short Fabric from Iwey Textile (Mexico) Hardware- Emmaline and Amazon Susi Schuegraf (Bag 2 large): Fabric- Denier 600 Comercial Valmark (Mexico) Hardware- Emmaline and Amazon Jackie Hellermann (medium): Fabric- TSM Canvas (Flowerfield) Hardware-Emmaline Holly Ward (small): Fabric- Joann Fabrics Hardware- Joann Fabrics Emilie Kahr (Bag 1 small): Fabric- TSM Canvas (Abstract Palms) Hardware- Emmaline Emilie Kahr (Bag 2 medium): Fabric- TSM Canvas (Midnight Floral) Hardware-Atelier Fiber Arts Shelly Andrews (medium): Fabric- TSM Canvas (Oil Drop Stripes), Greenstyle, Fabric Direct Warehouse Hardware- Emmaline and Amazon Danielle Allen (medium): Fabric- TSM Canvas (Leopard Lux) Hardware- Amazon Tara Rittenhouse (medium): Fabric- TSM Canvas (Teal Grunge Floral), TSM Stretch Woven Hardware- Idleblooms and Etsy Equinox Gym Bag Sonia Jessop: Fabric- TSM Canvas and Stretch Mesh Hardware- TSM and personal stash Nikki Scott: Fabric- TSM Canvas and Joann Fabrics Hardware- Idleblooms Tessa Silva-Mathews: Fabric- Joann Fabrics Hardware-Wawak Sharon Patterson Thomas: Fabric- TSM Canvas, Annies Mesh and Ottertex from Amazon Hardware- TSM and Strapworks Rachel Tindall: Fabric- Canvas from Wattle and Slate Hardware- Country Cow Designs Jocie Goldman: Fabric- Joann Fabrics Hardware- Amazon and Wawak Holly Ward: Fabric- TSM Canvas (Blue & Purple Skulls), Joann Fabrics Hardware- Joann Fabrics Krystol Ithomitis: Fabrics- Walmart and Joann Fabrics Hardware- Joann Fabrics and Strapworks Susi Schuegraf: Fabrics- Fabric Therapy and FIDM Hardware- Emmaline and Fabric Therapy Alex Soelke: Fabrics- TSM Canvas (Jeweled Sorcery) and Moda Grunge Hardware- Hobby Lobby and Amazon Shelly Andrews: Fabrics- TSM Luxury Cotton (Camo, Blue) Hardware- Emmaline Danielle Allen: Fabrics-TSM Canvas (Hey Honey, Black), Joann Fabrics Hardware- Amazon Tara Rittenhouse: Fabrics- TSM Canvas (Morning Glory and Dawn Rising) Hardware- TSM, Joann Fabrics, and Etsy

  • Scrapbusting Gnomes!

    Let’s dive into making gnomes! This is a pretty forgiving scrap buster, so please go easy on yourself on this one and have fun with it!!! You will need: · Scraps · Rice (I used about 3 cups for these gnomes) · Small rubber bands/hair ties · Stuffing · Hot glue and glue gun · Wire and needle nose (You will want something thick/strong enough to hold its’ form, yet bendable enough that you aren’t hurting yourself. A hanger is a bit thick, but could work. Otherwise, your favorite home improvement store or craft store should have something. Mine is 17 gauge (0.043”) electric fence wire) · Fur (Eek! Please don’t hate me. Wait to cut this till you have your gnome made) You will want a piece of scrap for the body, the nose, the hat and a band for the hat. You will want to measure these with your heart and with what you have leftover. These can be made with wovens or knits. If you use knit, remember that the bodies will “grow” as you fill with rice. Your hat can be a single triangle with the seam in the back or two triangles with the seams on the sides. The only “requirements” I ask for is that your nose have enough fabric to have a “tail”. Your band for the hat needs to be about the same width as your hat with a width somewhere between 1.5-4” tall. If you insist on sizes…. My taller gnome is: Body: 9” tall x6” wide Nose: 3” circle (I used a cup that looked about right for this) Band: 1.75” tall x 8” wide Hat: 2 triangles 11” tall x 4” wide My shorter gnome is: Body: 7” tall x 8.5” wide Nose: 3.5” circle Band: 3.5” tall x 9” wide Hat: 2 triangles 8.25” tall x 4.75” wide Start by sewing a cylinder from your body piece, the hat sides, and the band ends. Next you will pinch the sides of the base of the body together so that it makes an x. Sew across this bottom. Please excuse my quick uneven sew (no one is going to see this anyways!!!) Sew bands to hat. (click arrow to view next photo in tutorial) Fill body with rice. I suggest a funnel or cup to help keep the rice from going rogue! Stuff hat and nose. Tie off the nose with a rubber band. Tie off the top of the body and on your last pass add your nose piece. Here is where you will cut your fur. I like to get under the fur and try to only cut the fabric underneath. If it’s along the grainline, you can also do a “snip and rip” to avoid cutting through the fur. Hot glue fur to body under nose. Cut a length of wire long enough to go through your body and hat. Curl the ends so it doesn’t poke through your fabric. Insert in body and place hat on top. Hot glue the back and sides of the hat to the body. That’s it! Stand back and admire your little cuties!!! -Nikki Scott TSM Influencer

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  • The Styled Magnolia Custom Fabrics


  • Athletic (Solids) | The Styled Magnolia

    ATHLETIC SOLIDS Filter by Collection All NEW ARRIVALS RETAIL Price $0.00 $40.00 Color Fabric Type Adapt Athletic Brushed Polyester Defyne Emerge Endurance XC Engima Nylon Air Nylon Spandex Repreve Athletic Ribbed Athletic Knit Yoga Polyester Spandex Length Half Yard Remnant Yard Sort by NEW ARRIVALS Quick View REMNANT: 2.5YDS - DYED BLACK ATHLETIC BRUSHED POLYESTER Price $40.00 Quick View FILL MY BOX [HARDWARE] Price $0.00 Quick View FILL MY BOX [FABRICS] Price $0.00 NEW ARRIVALS Quick View DYED BLACK ATHLETIC BRUSHED POLYESTER Price $16.00 NEW ARRIVALS Quick View ADAPT NYLON ATHLETIC Price $8.00 NEW ARRIVALS Quick View DEFYNE ATHLETIC KNIT Price $7.25 NEW ARRIVALS Quick View NYLON AIR Price $6.00 NEW ARRIVALS Quick View RIBBED ATHLETIC KNIT Price $8.00 NEW ARRIVALS Quick View TIE DYED ADAPT Price $8.00 SALE Quick View YOGA POLYESTER SPANDEX Regular Price $10.00 Sale Price $9.00 NEW ARRIVALS Quick View DYED WHITE ENDURANCE Price $16.00 NEW ARRIVALS Quick View DYED WHITE ATHLETIC BRUSHED POLYESTER Price $16.00 Quick View DYED BLACK ENDURANCE Price $16.00 NEW ARRIVALS Quick View ENIGMA Price $7.50 NEW ARRIVALS Quick View EMERGE Price $7.50 SALE Quick View REPREVE "RECYCLED" ATHLETIC Regular Price $9.00 Sale Price $8.10 SALE Quick View RECYCLED ITALIAN ENERGIA ATLETICA Regular Price $7.50 Sale Price $6.38

  • FAQ | The Styled Magnolia

    FAQ Welcome to The Styled Magnolia ! Below are some important details and information to help you with any questions you may have regarding placing an order and much more. ​ How do I contact you? Contact us anytime by email via the website CONTACT page ( ) or via the Chat button (regardless of online status) at the bottom right. We are available Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm CST. ​ How do I place an order? Fabric orders are placed via the TSM website during each open New Design Round, Pick-A-Print, and Retail. TSM Website: ​ Is there a Destash B/S/T Group? Yes. If you’re looking for specific fabric that is no longer in stock, trying to sell, or looking to trade, please join the following group: TSM Destash B/S/T Group: How do I download previously purchased patterns? Upon completion of your pattern purchase, you will receive a download link in the order confirmation screen, and an email good for a 30 day download. If you missplace your email or 30 days have past, you can download any previously purchased TSM patterns, anytime you need, and as many times as you need by logging into your account and clicking on the MY DOWNLOADS tab. What custom fabric bases do you currently print on? All fabric is sold by the half yard, unless sold as a panel. Directional designs printed on Athletic Bases (ABP, Endurance and Stretch Woven) are printed vertically to reduce white when stretched. Athletic Brushed Polyester (athletic knit) - 230 GSM; 80/20% Polyester/Lycra; brushed texture, ~58in” Wide Canvas (woven) - 250 GSM; 100% Cotton; ~60in” Wide Cotton French Terry (knit) - 260 GSM; 95/5% Cotton/Lycra; ~58in" Wide Cotton Lycra (knit) - 180 & 260 GSM; 95/5% Cotton/Lycra; ~58in" Wide Bamboo French Terry (knit) - 280 GSM; 95/5% cotton/Lycra; ~58in" Wide Bamboo Lycra (knit) - 240 GSM; ~58in" Wide Double Brushed Polyester (knit) - 220 GSM; 95/5% polyester/Lycra; ~58in" Wide Emerge (athletic knit) - 230 GSM; 73/27% Nylon/Spandex; semi matte texture, ~58in” Wide Endurance XC (athletic knit) - 280 GSM; 80/20% Polyester/Lycra; semi matte texture, ~58in” Wide Enigma (athletic knit) - 230 GSM; 77/23% Polyester/Spandex; brushed texture; ~58in” Wide EvolveAir (athletic knit) - 220 GSM; 82/18% Nylon/Spandex; ~58in" Wide Faux Leather: 100% Textured Vinyl, 650 GSM, ~56in wide, 1mm thickness (Cut 18in x WOF) Liverpool (knit) - 220 GSM; 95/5% polyester/Lycra; ~58in" Wide Luxury Cotton (woven) - 150 GSM; 100% Cotton; ~56in" Wide Rayon Challis (woven) - 170 GSM; 100% Rayon; ~50in” Wide Softshell (woven): 391 GSM, 100% Polyester (fleece backed), ~58in wide, 0% stretch SPF 50+ Swim (knit) - 230-240 GSM; 80/20% Polyester/Lycra; ~58in" Wide Supplex (knit) - 300 GSM; 87/13% Nylon/Spandex; ~60in” Wide Stretch Woven (woven/knit) - 140 GSM; 95/5% Polyester/Lycra; ~58in" Wide Yoga Polyester Spandex (athletic knit) - 250 GSM; 75/25% Polyester/Spandex; matte texture, ~58in Wide Vinyl: 100% Textured Vinyl, 460 GSM, ~56in wide, 1mm thickness (Cut 18 in x WOF) Weight and texture of bases can vary slightly each time fabric is milled. Although we strive to keep it consistant for our customers, small production lots doesn't always allow for it. ​ What are the sizes of your Shirt Panels? ​ Infant/Child Panel: Approx.18in x 36in Adult Panel: Approx. 29in x 36in How does Preorders work? Orders are placed on our website via PayPal. Payment is due at time of purchase. Preorder fabric is NOT in stock . Turn around time is roughly 8 to 10 weeks from order submit date to ship to us, and up to 2 weeks to cut, pack, and ship to customers. Often this turn around is much shorter, however please note that this is only an estimate and can take longer due to things beyond our control (i.e. customs delays, holidays, reprinting). We highly suggest to not make arrangements or promise deadlines to your customers outside of these time frames stated as we do not work around promised dates. If you are uncomfortable with the time frame provided, please do not preorder. ​ Continuous yardage is always a priority, however it is not guaranteed you will receive continuous yardage if you are ordering more than one yard. If you can not accept split yardage, It is asked that you do not place a fabric pre-order. ​ DO NOT order Retail with Preorder fabric. Orders must be submitted separately or they will be canceled and refunded. ​ How does Pick-A-Print orders work? Pick-A-Print is designs that are available for CUSTOM PRINTING at any time. Orders are placed on our website via PayPal. Payment is due at time of purchase. Fabric is NOT in stock and CAN NOT be ordered with Retail unless otherwise specified. Orders must be submitted separately or they will be canceled and refunded. Orders will be submitted to the printer around the 1st of each month or with the next preorder, whichever comes first. Turn around time and Continuous yardage rules are the same as Preordered fabric ​ DO NOT order Retail with Pick-A-Print fabric. O rders must be submitted separately or they will be canceled and refunded. ​ Do you offer Retail? All custom printed retail fabric is precut in 1 to 2 yard increments and available in limited quantity. Noncustom fabric will be cut continously off the roll. ​ If you’re wanting to purchase both retail and from an open pre-order at the same time, please note that you must submit two separate orders. If an order is received with both, the order will be refunded and you will be asked to resubmit two separate orders. ​ Please allow up to 7 DAYS or so for packing and shipping of retail orders. If we are able to get it out to you sooner we will do so. ​ Do you offer layaway? Yes! TSM accepts PayPal Credit. For questions on how PayPal Credit works please visit the following website: ​ My address has changed since I purchased; what do I do? Please make sure your shipping address is correct at the time of your order. In a situation where the address has changed after the order has been placed, there are two option: 1. Verify that there is an active mail forwarding address in place with your post office; or 2. Or reach out to us via the CONTACT page and notify us of the address change. Per PayPal Policy, we can only mail to the address selected at the time the order was placed, shipping it elsewhere will break PayPal Protection. To keep PayPal protection intact, we have to cancel and refund the order, then email a manual invoice to recollect payment and allow you to choose the correct mailing address in PayPal. The invoice will include a 4% processing fee for orders over $150 . ​ Do you offer any discounts for bulk orders? Yes. PRE-ORDER purchases of 10 yds or more of a single print are eligible for a 10% discount. Please request code by messaging the website. Code may only be used to place an order with bulk yardage. Do not include any other items on an order with this coupon code unless all prints are being purchased in quantities of 10+ yards. Orders placed where this code is used incorrectly will have their order cancelled and refunded. You may purchase smaller quantities of other designs in a separate order and leave a note at checkout to combine shipping on both orders. Shipping overages will be refunded. ​ Do you offer custom printing of personal designs? Yes, we do offer custom printing of a design you supply. Please reach out to us using the CONTACT page for more information. ​ If you require a swatch of our bases to check print quality, please purchase one here: ​ Please email your image to and be sure to verify that your image scale is in centimeters, not pixels and is set to a minimum of 300dpi. Your printed fabrics are not used by us in any way. These are your designs, we just facilitate turning them into awesome fabric. ​ We always send extra to account for any potential flaws in your yardage. With wholesale printing there are always bound to be a small thing here or there. Print flecks, a snag or hole, dye drips are all possibilities in large orders rather than cutting flaws out we just give you all the extra at no extra charge. YOU are responsible for having the legal right to print the images you are using, and The Styled Magnolia Custom Fabrics can not be held responsible for any trademark/copyright infringements and if its an obvious copyright, we have the right to refuse to print. CUSTOM ORDERS ARE SUBMITTED WITH OPEN ROUNDS AND SUBJECT TO THE SAME POLICIES . If you have any questions, please ask before ordering. What are your shipping rates? Shipping may vary based on the thickness of the fabric ordered. Due to the extra bulk of certain bases, there may be shipping costs above what is paid at checkout. Additional shipping will be invoiced separately before your order ships to you. SHIPPING RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGES AT ANYTIME and are determined by USPS. Should rates change on a order already placed, the difference owed will be due before fabric ships. If fabric can be shipped safely in a smaller package a refund for shipping overages will be given for anything over $2/usd. USA PFRE: $9.30 (1-3.5 yds) MFRB: $16.25 (4-7 yds) LFRB: $22.65 (8-12 yds) BULK ORDER: See cart at checkout for estimate INTERNATIONAL FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL: Max 2lbs PFRE PRIORITY INTERNATIONAL: Max 4lbs MFRB PRIORITY INTERNATIONAL: Max 20lbs LFRB PRIORITY INTERNATIONAL: Max 20lbs PRIORITY INTERNATIONAL: +20+ lbs - Contact for Quote Please use Shopping Cart for shipping estimates below +20 lbs. ​ ​ Do you ship to AP/FP/AE/AA Addresses? YES! Please email the website for instructions. Do you offer local pickup? YES! Please select Local Pick up at check out. Once youqr order is ready to ship, we will reach out via email to schedule a pick up time. Please do not reach out before that. What happens if USPS loses my package? The Styled Magnolia, LLC takes full responsibility of ensuring your package is delivered to you. Should a package be lost by USPS and not be shown as delivered, please reach out to us using the CONTACT page and let us know. We will file a claim with USPS ( ) so they can make the official determination of the status of the package. We just ask that customers be patient with us and allow USPS the time to do their research and confirm the package is indeed lost. We will keep you posted on the status as updates are provided to us. Once the claim is closed as Lost, we will issue a 100% refund for your order. If you wish to reorder your fabric, we will issue you a new invoice and the order will be submitted with the next order submission. NOTE: YOU MUST NOTIFY US BEFORE 60 DAYS OF WHEN THE ORDER WAS SHIPPED OR USPS HAS THE RIGHT TO DENY ANY REFUNDS OR CLAIMS. ​ Do you require signatures upon Delivery? Only for orders greater than $350/usd will require signatures upon delivery. Signatures can NOT be waived. Do you combine multiple orders? Due to volume, it is hard for us to catch multiple orders and combine shipping without being notified. Although we do our best, we ask that you leave a note a check out with your previous order numbers and request we combine. However keep in mind, combining is not guaranteed and same design and base ordered in to different orders WILL NOT be cut continuously. What are the Fabric Care Instructions? Although all fabrics can be washed in whatever manner the customer chooses, however to keep your garment looking as nice as the day you made them we recomment washing on cold and letting air dry. If using an Iron, use on low heat to minimize color transfer. What is the Fabric Flaw Policy? All minimum widths of our bases is specified on the FAQ page of our website and within each individual listing. Width may vary across fabric bases. Yardage is cut to ensure you have at least a full 36 inches of useable fabric per yard before washing and drying. ​ Flaws NOT covered: With Digital Reactive Ink printing, there may be occasionally flaws throughout the fabric. Especially with custom printed or dyed fabrics this is not unusual, especially to have flaws close to the selvage, tiny speckles throughout the design, heathering in some colors, or extra ink absorption. Flaws smaller than a quarter and/or within 6 inches of the selvage are not considered flaws. Uneven selvages. Fabric is always cut straight at the top and bottom with the pattern of the fabric ensuring you get a full cut of even printed fabric. Depending on how it was rolled on the bolt and stretched, it may not always line up on the sides perfectly, its knit and stretchy. Marker marks at end of cut by printer and general printing marks on the backside of fabric. If it does not interfere or damage the front of the printed side of the fabric it is not covered. Color variations between bases. Variations are normal due to different printing processes. Slight color variations from the strike-offs to the bulk round order are not uncommon. Also, please be aware that slight fading of fabrics after washing is not a flaw. All fabric is prewashed by the printer; since we can not control your fabric washing and care routines discounts will not be issued for shrinkage. ​ If you have a question about whether or not something you received has flaws, please reach out to us via the CONTACT page. We do our best to look the yardage over thoroughly but we are human and we may miss things occasionally but we try to ensure the highest quality fabric is sent to our customers only. ​ What is the refund policy? Flaws covered in the FABRIC FLAW POLICY will be issued as a refunds, shop credit, or an exchange (when replacement fabric is available). Buyer must contact The Styled Magnolia via the website within 7 DAYS from the date tracking shows the package was delivered. Washed and cut fabric invalidates your claim to any compensation. Refunds for Preorder fabric will not be given for buyer’s remorse, not reading the all terms on the FAQ page, or for orders taking too long. Please message us through the website's CONTACT page so that we may help you with your order. Claims & Disputes Any PayPal Dispute or claim filed without first contacting the shop privately first in attempt to reach a resolution will result in all current orders being cancelled/refunded and the immediate removal from the group. All terms of sale and policies are subject to change at any time at The Styled Magnolia, LLC discretion. The Styled Magnolia, LLC has the right to refuse service to anyone and refund or cancel pending orders at our discretion. BY PURCHASING FROM THIS SITE YOU ARE AGREEING TO THE TERMS OF SALE AS NOTED ON THIS SITE. ​

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