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Here you will find all the TSM pdf patterns available for Print & Sew Services. Upon completion of a TSM pattern purchase, you have the option to have your patterns exterior pieces printed directly onto either Vinyl or Faux Leather. Simply choose the Print & Sew listing matching the pattern you own (confirm the number of rolls you will need). Then choose from any design offered during a Preorder or from our Pick-A-Print section, and add both listings to your Cart. Voilà! We will take the design and strategically place and print the pattern pieces neatly on your roll of fabric. Any extra unused space includes just the print for you to save for other projects. All you have to do is cut and then sew! If you're a repeat buyer on the same pattern and print, then there is no cost for any additional reorders in the future (as long as no changes are required)! Yay! Please see our FAQ page with commonly asked questions, or contact us via the CONTACT page.



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