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Welcome to The Styled Magnolia Fabrics & Patterns! Below are some important updates on the status of each round that is in the processes of being printed.

Please give all Pre-orders and Pick-A-Print orders 8 to 12 weeks from the end of the month ordered to ship to you. Each round is batch shipped to customers. Meaning, your order(s) will ship to you immediately once all fabric in your order(s) has be accounted for. Some may receive their orders as quickly as 4 weeks or as long as 12 weeks (for cases where fabric needed reprinting).

**Please try to refrain from asking about the status of your order unless urgent.  If we are answering emails about when orders will ship, that's taking time away from our time to pack and ship orders to you. All updates are provided below and we will ship your order as soon as your entire order is ready.  If for any reason the shipping of your order may go over the shipping deadline, we will contact you directly via email.**


2023 Orders


Round Dates: 12.31.22 - 02.01.23

Order Submitted: 02.01.23

Shipping Deadline: 04.26.23


Round Dates: 02.01.23 - 02.28.23

Order Submitted: 03.01.23

Shipping Deadline: 05.24.23


03.20.23 - First shipment for this round should arrive in about 3 or so weeks. We will be unpacking the rest of R37 first and getting those out to customers before we start work on shipping this round out. (WEEK 2.5)

03.29.23 - All of R38 has been printed. Several shipments are already in route to us, with the second to last shipment shipping tomorrow. The final shipment should roughly ship to us next week which will be just the dyed black ABP. (WEEK 4)

03.31.23 - First shipment should be delivered to us next week. we won't start unpacking this round until R37 gets out the door to customers. (Week 4)

04.01.23 - First shipment for R38 arrived. (WEEK 4.5)

04.12.23 - Second shipment scheduled to arrive tomorrow. (WEEK 5)

04.14.23 - Second shipment of 5 arrived. Third shipment is scheduled to be delivered to us Tuesday next week. And final shipment should be delivered the week after. Final shipment will be all the dyed black ABP which should ship to us next week. For those that have that in your order, expect your orders to be some of the last shipped out for the round. (WEEK 6)

04.18.23 - Third Shipment arrived early. We will be starting on unpacking R38 tomorrow! (WEEK 5)

04.21.23 - Packing and shipping orders to customers has started. Black ABP will ship to us on Wednesday. I will take about 3 weeks to arrive. (WEEK 7.5)

04.27.23 - Fourth shipment is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and we will be ship the remaining orders that do not include our Dyed Black ABP. (WEEK 8)

05.06.23 - Black ABP is done. This took longer than expected because we had to mill over 1000 meters of ABP and then dye it all black. Shipment will be here in about 3 to 4 weeks. This is going to put the remaining orders shipping just after our deadline of 12 week. If you should need your order sooner, please let us know and we can make arrangements to ship what is already here and send your black ABP separately when it arrives. We can even ship it with your R39 order or retail order if placed. Otherwise your orders will be packed up this weekend so that when the ABP arrives we can immediately add it to your box and get it right out the door to you.  (WEEK 9.5)

05.13.23 - All orders with Black ABP are packed and ready for when the fabric arrives. We expect it here by the 24th. But if it arrives sooner we will post another update here. Your orders will take priority over packing and shipping. (Week 10.5)
05.17.23 - We're estimating the Black ABP to be delivered to us roughly around May 29th based on past shipping.
timeframes. (WEEK 11)

05.31.23 - Our Black ABP is FINAL off the boat and shows it will be delivered on Monday. R38 orders will be prioritized first so you order will be headed your way next week!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE ON THIS!


Round Dates: 03.15.23 - 03.31.23

Order Submitted: 04.01.23

Shipping Deadline: 06.23.23

Updates: - First shipment will be placed on a boat here on Wednesday. Arrival time roughly 3 weeks. (WEEK 3)

05.06.23 - All of R39 has been printed and final shipment will be picked up this Wednesday and placed on a boat here. It takes about 3 to 4 weeks. They have been getting here fairly quick which is good. Two other shipments are already on the way. Looking at roughly 5 shipments for this round. Also, first shipment will be arriving next week. We will get started on shipping completed R39 order as soon as we get everything unpacked and inventoried. (WEEK 5)

05.08.23 - First Shipment arrived. We are inventorying and Quality checking everything and will start shipping any completed orders. (WEEK 5)

05.13.23 - Second Shipment arrived today. We will begin inventorying what has arrived and will ship any completed orders early next week. We are awaiting 3 more shipments to finish out the round. 4th Shipment is the Black ABP for both R38 & R39.(WEEK 6)

05.24.23 - Third shipment is scheduled to be delivered to us this Friday if all goes well. More orders will be shipped to customers next week. We have two more shipments we are waiting on (including Black ABP) which should be here arriving hopefully next week. (WEEK 7.5)
05.26.23 - Third shipment arrived. Next batch of orders will start shipping Tuesday (Monday is a holiday). Next shipment we expect to arrive is our Black ABP. FINALLY! YAY! (8 WEEKS)
05.31.23 - Our Black/White ABP is FINAL off the boat and shows UPS will deliver it on Monday along with the rest of R39 and some of R40. Keep a look out for your shipping notifications! (WEEK 8.5)


Round Dates: 04.15.23 - 04.30.23

Order Submitted: 05.01.23

Shipping Deadline: 07.24.23


05.22.23 - All of R40 has been printed and shipping out later this week. (WEEK 3)
05.31.23 - First shipment of R40 will be here Monday. We will not start shipping R40 until all of R39 has shipped to customers. we are well ahead of schedule (WEEK 4.5)



Round Dates: 05.15.23 - 05.31.23

Order Submitted: 06.XX.23

Shipping Deadline: 08.24.23




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