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Let's Talk Bamboo Lycra!

When you think of TSM, what fabric base jumps to mind? Is it athletic brushed poly? A new base, such as vinyl or faux leather? Something entirely different? I realized this time of year we don't hear a lot about Bamboo Lycra. It is often mentioned during the summer, because of its moisture-wicking nature and lightweight appeal, but this is a base that is truly amazing year-round. Below is a compilation of our TSM Team's Bamboo Lycra sews so we can admire just how versatile this base truly is.

Bamboo (BL) has the most beautiful drape. It is flowy and airy, while not having a tendency to 'grow' throughout your day of wear, as some other drapey knits may. It also has a silky-smooth feel, that makes it a dreamy base for almost any knit pattern you may want to dive into. Some of our favorite Bamboo Lycra sews have been the dresses our Team and Customers have created! Bamboo lends itself to being the perfect dress base, whether that be mini, knee, or maxi length!

Of course, we can't leave out the absolute showstopping combo of TSM Ombres in Bamboo Lycra!

Bamboo is also unique in that while it feels soft and sleek to the touch, is drapey and flowy, it also is very workable to create beautiful detailing in your sewing. These thumbhole cuffs Kellie created are stunning in themselves, but knowing the base is bamboo just makes them all the more impressive!

The twist in this Twist-Top was also beautiful using Bamboo! The drape adds the most charming detail.

Basic tees and loungewear have also been favorite Bamboo (BL) sews. Tees and tanks sewn with BL really are a summer staple for so many, but I have found, as well, that come winter they are perfect for layering. Even my most lightweight cotton tees can sometimes end up feeling stuffy under a cardigan, but a TSM Bamboo tee keeps me feeling comfortable and stylish!

As we have seen, Bamboo is a great knit base. It is graceful and delicate in look, while being steadfast and versatile. Whether you are looking to sew a fitted top, or drapey cardi, you can't go wrong with what you choose. We hope this collection helps to inspire you on your next Bamboo Lycra sew! We are always inspired by you all as well, so please be sure to share your Bamboo creations with us in our Facebook group!

Thank you for following along with me!


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