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Sew Cute. Sew Cozy. Sew Cotton French Terry.

Have you had a chance to sew TSM cotton french terry(cft) ? What are your favorite cft sews and makes? Are you a hoodie lover? Joggers? Cozy socks and slippers? A structured raglan? Or an 'all the beanies' type of cft sewist?

Me, well, I love 'hoodie weather'; I look forward to it all Summer long! If I'm not directly on the beach, I'm actively wondering when that first cold snap will come. Though, admittedly, I lounge in my TSM cft joggers throughout the summer as well. So, as Spring here began to wane, I realized I needed to begin ordering for Fall temperatures that would eventually make their way to us. I ordered Cambria Floral Dinos (quite possibly for the fourth time!) and Faux Linen in Fuscia from Pick-a-Print on cft for my dino-loving daughter's Fall TSM hoodie. I was so excited to see how these two designs would coordinate, and once they arrived the combo was just as I had hoped. The Fuscia picked up the pink floral tones in the Dinos perfectly!

(How brilliant, bright, and intricate are the colors in this design? I just love how both designs printed on the cft! Look at the depth and detail in those dinos!)

I went back and forth for some time on a pattern. My yardage sitting on my sewing desk as I wondered which was 'the' perfect pattern to use. Finally, the Little Lizard King Bronx hoodie debuted, and instantly I knew exactly what these two designs were meant to become!

I love sewing with TSM cotton french terry for several reasons, but in the midst of a project, the most important being the structure. It doesn't get 'floppy', roll, or become thin and stretched out, yet the lycra content does allow for movement where I need it. I love the weight (at 260gsm) while wearing as well. The thickness keeps us warm, while the drape and softness keeps us from feeling stuffy. My girls (and myself) happily wear their TSM cft all day long. I also appreciate how steadfast the color remains wash after wash and wear after wear. So many of my past cft makes from elsewhere ended up dull and faded, but at the end of the season my TSM still looks new!

An extra bonus? Having the wide custom yardage, and two completely adorable options for the LLK Bronx, I couldn't resist sewing up a coordinating sister top for my youngest! I decided to size up two full sizes so she could easily wear it again next fall.

My girls were so excited to see their new cozy Dino tops come to life, and I was, too! The combo of base, design, and pattern just could not have been better. I know these tops will be worn in love so many times this Fall, Winter, and into Spring, and will hold up well. If you are looking for a cozy TSM base with a bit of structure and weight, you really can't go wrong with Cotton French Terry!

Thank you for following along with me! I cannot wait to see all of your cft makes in our Facebook group! Please be sure to share your favorites with us!


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