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What are the Differences between Scrap and Remnant Bundles? (And What Can I Make With Them?)

Have you looked at the Mystery Scrap and Mystery Remnant bundles on the website, but paused as you wondered what you would make with them? Often the same couple questions pop up: "What are the differences between the Scrap and Remnant Packs? And what can I make with them?" We hope this post serves as a good reference point, but also a springboard of creativity for those smaller pieces!

First, we'll begin with logistics. How are the Scrap Bundles and Remnant Bundles different? A Scrap bundle is filled with pieces about 4" x WOF (58"). A Remnant bundle, however, is 2 yards in total and filled with pieces that range in lengths of 11" to 35" x WOF (58"). They are similar in that each Mystery Bundle will contain the same base and is labeled as so in the listing. Below are a few photos of what your Remnant or Scrap Pack may look like after opening (and one of the before!)!

Once a pack (or several!) are on their way, the real work begins. What to create with these smaller cuts? At first, the idea may seem overwhelming. A design in pre-order that caught your eye and instantly begged to become a long-sleeved tee is one thing, but what do you create with smaller cuts in mystery designs? This is where it gets fun, though! These are the projects that really let our creativity soar. They often force us to think outside of our traditional style and boxes. (And honestly, it's so fun to see the excitement and pride that follows these types of projects!)

We often say that we love to be inspired by you! Your sews are what excite us! Your sews help us see things in new ways and inspire us to try something we may not have thought to! We are honored to share photos of just this by TSM customer, Doray Briskman! Below are a few creations Doray sewed using Remnant packs. Truly incredible sews that have inspired me to try my hand at the same (how cute is that Alligator Herringbone sports bra?!)! She sewed several sports-bras, but notes the Dark Mountains will soon become shorts using a Patterns for Pirates pattern! Be sure to search our Facebook group and check out her Instagram here for more of Doray's amazing creations!

(Photos shared courtesy of Doray Briskman)

Admittedly, Remnant Bundles can be a bit easier to create with. The larger pieces are often perfect for shorts, tank tops, sports bras, color-blocked tees and leggings, accents to bags, pouches, children's clothing, etc. Remnants are also a great way to test a pattern prior to cutting into the fabric you have designated as your "final" version. We know that all bases sew and fit differently, but even between fabric companies there is a bit of variation in how a particular base may fit. For instance, TSM Cotton Lycra may have slightly different stretch and recovery, weight, and feel than cotton lycra you've tried from other shops. A mystery design may not end up being one you would have chosen on your own, but it may find life in your closet as a test version that you love! Once your adjustments have been made, it's on to your chosen fabric!

Our team member, Kayla Smith, is an amazing source of inspiration when it comes to how to utilize a remnant pack! She has a natural eye for color-blocking and combining prints that inspires us time and time again. She created the Monochrome Skulls pull-over using a Skulls remnant from a mystery pack! Her Sewing Things pull-over was another remnant pack win! She notes how each of the prints was almost a whole yard cut, allowing her to create this fun combination of TSM prints! Kayla also is a stand-out when it comes to mixing and matching textures and colors. Time after each sew is always beautiful, unique, and inspiring.

Below, a couple of Kayla's Remnant Bundle sews and other color-blocking sews are featured. (To see more of Kayla's amazing creations, view her Instagram here!)