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Exploring TSM's Print & Sew Service

Have you had a chance to explore TSM's new Print & Sew service? We are so excited to offer this! We, on the TSM Team have impressed ourselves with just how much time it saves! Having the TSM Pattern's exterior pieces printed right onto the vinyl or faux leather not only saves time, but a bit of room for error, printer paper and supplies, and/or the back and forth of pattern placement, turning, sliding, and cutting while using your projector! Below we will take just a bit of a deeper look into what the Print & Sew service is, and how you can utilize it to get the most out of your Print & Sew!

What exactly is Print & Sew?

Print & Sew is a new service provided by TSM, wherein you can have TSM Pattern exterior pieces from your pattern library added directly to TSM printed vinyl or faux leather! These designs can be from both Pre-Orders and Pick-a-Print!

You will first select your desired pattern. Be sure it is in your pattern library (already purchased). You will next need to determine how many rolls are needed for your pattern. (For example, the Capparis Crossbody, in any size only requires 1 roll of vinyl or faux leather, where the Orion messenger bag will require 2 rolls.)

You will then go to the design listing (Pick-a-Print or Pre-Order). Add your design with the correct number of rolls to your cart.

Finally, click the Print & Sew tab. You will then select your coordinating TSM pattern. Follow through on all drop-down options within the listing and click 'add to cart'. Next, TSM will strategically place the pattern pieces onto your roll(s) of vinyl/faux leather and ship to you when ready! Once it arrives you only need to cut and then sew your exterior! No fabric tetris required!

(Please note, it is vital that your design listing and correct number of rolls are added to your cart as well as the Print & Sew listing. A Print & Sew cart without the design and correct number of vinyl or faux leather rolls will result in a cancelled order.)

Are there any 'extras' offered with Print & Sew?

Yes! These extras vary from pattern to pattern, but examples of some extras are:

-Many of our patterns offer adding on a Magnolia Wallet or Magnolia Mini! To add either choice is only $2 extra! A perfect way to make a coordinating bag set or save the Magnolia to gift or sell later!

(Be sure to also add your Magnolia Wallet/Mini pdf pattern Order # to the coordinating text box in the listing)

-Some patterns offer more than one design option! Allowing you to add a coordinate for your Ascent Backpack, for example, or have up to 5 print choices for the Magnolia Wallet! These extras really provide a great value! What a great way to make several gifts in one go or streamline your sewing while preparing for an upcoming market or fair!

(Please note, when adding more than one print, you will only need to add ONE of the print choices from Pre-Order to your cart (make sure you add the correct # of rolls), but all print names must be added to the corresponding text box in the Print & Sew listing.)

This service looks so intriguing! But, what are the real advantages?

There are many advantages! A notable advantage is that Print & Sew is like having acrylic templates for your TSM Patterns, but without the trouble of finding another storage solution in your sewing space!

Perhaps you have a favorite print in Pick-a-Print. One you love to sew for gifts for everyone! Or one that does well at your bag markets and fairs. Good news! Once you have ordered a specific pattern on a specific print once, all future duplicate orders can have the Print & Sew service added at no cost! (As long as no changes are made)

Another bonus, as noted by all of our TSM Team members thus far, is how much time Print & Sew saves. (And in multiple ways!) Cut time was cut down by not needing to spend time placing pieces or stressing over the fun of 'Fabric Tetris'. No pattern weights needed. No fabric weights needed! Just zip around each piece and add it to your stack!

Our TSM Team member Andrea Soo notes "It actually felt enjoyable because I didn't have to hold pattern pieces or a ruler in place and I didn't have to figure out pattern piece placement!

I also don't have to navigate around my cutting table which is close to a bookcase on the long end across from me. As I detached the pieces from the vinyl roll, I could just turn them to cut!"

Our TSM Admin Team member Shelly Andrews notes "Oh my Goodness I just got my Print & Sew in and I am so so stoked. Like super excited. The ease of literally just being able to cut it out and my exterior is done. Simple. The only thing now I have to cut is my lining (not provided) then start sewing.

The time this gives me back is exactly what I needed. It means more projects."

Shelly later noted that it only took her 10 minutes to cut out her Capparis pieces! Andrea would note that her Juniper took 8 minutes 32 seconds! One of our TSM Designers, Alex Soelke was enthusiastic about how her Iolite only took around 5 minutes to cut out!

I'd also like to share my experience. I was very excited to try out my Print & Sew. I did anticipate it would save me time. I tend to trace my pattern pieces onto the backside of my faux leather, and then cut out. Usually with my rotary cutter, sometimes with scissors, sometimes a razor blade. It's a long process.

What I didn't anticipate was that on shaped pieces I had an amazing advantage using my Print & Sew!! I do not have a cutting machine, such as a Cricut, so my pieces such as the strap ends are hand-traced, then hand cut. There's always a little bit of room for human error in mine. Maybe more than a little bit! My Print & Sew strap ends, though?? Amazing!! These are my best-looking ones yet! I couldn't believe the difference! This is a total game changer for my Magnolia Minis as well. I timed myself, and I had my Juniper exterior cut out in 7 minutes and a few seconds!

This next bit, I have to add a disclaimer, that using your cut Print & Sew pieces as pattern pieces is going to open up room for error. Possibly shaving off a bit too much of your faux leather piece. However, I absolutely used my Juniper flap to cut the coordinating lining piece and interfacing! Same for the front slip pocket. I cut my remaining interfacing pieces out using the other pieces. This saved even more time!

Overall, I was so genuinely pleased and impressed with how seamless my sewing experience of the below Juniper went. Everything moved like a dance! I unrolled my faux leather roll, paired fabrics and hardware, cut my pieces, interfaced, and began sewing!

What really made me smile at the completion was seeing that little Juniper and Magnolia Mini set. Both projects were ready to start as soon as I opened that roll! Don't they just look 'meant to be' together??

We hope you love the Print & Sew service as much as we do! We often hear the phrase "game changer" used when we learn a new trick in the sewing community (I even used it above!), but this service absolutely is a total and complete game changer!

Please share your Print & Sew projects and testimonies with us in our Facebook group! We cannot wait to hear what you think!

Thank y'all for following along with me!


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