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"What do you make out of Stretch Woven?"

Stretch woven is such a loved TSM base. From the moment it hit the shelves at The Styled Magnolia, it became an instant favorite. While every sewist has their favorite pattern to use Stretch Woven on, I hope to show you just how truly versatile of a base it is, and can be!

Photo 1: Skirt sewn with Stretch Woven (SW)

Photo 2: Backpack and shorts sewn with SW

Photo 3: Trousers sewn with SW

One of the most popular items we have seen sewn using Stretch Woven (SW) is shorts. The lightweight, moisture wicking nature of SW makes it a fabulous choice for shorts. They are breathable, moveable, airy, and non-sticky feeling in the height of summer. One of my personal favorite qualities is that sand doesn't stick to SW. We can go to the beach and not take the beach back home with us! A definite win.

(A fun bonus is ordering ABP or Swim for a matching sports bra or swim top!)

Boardshorts also have a 'wow' factor when sewn in Stretch Woven. Again, the lightweight feel makes them comfortable for all day wear, while the quick drying nature of Stretch Woven (SW) also makes it a perfect choice. The Jalie Patterns Boardshorts, Greenstyle Creations Motion Shorts, and Greenstyle Solana shorts have been a couple favorite Boardshort style patterns of our team to sew!

We've loved seeing how many sewists have hacked either woven or knit patterns to accommodate the Stretch Woven(SW) in their fabric stash. Just a little alteration here and there, and your project is complete! Many woven patterns do not need adjustment at all. Possibly, like me, you just prefer the cool feel of Stretch Woven, and will switch out your cotton skirt piece for SW! One of the most impressive knit to SW hacks I have seen, thus far, is from our Team Member, Danielle, who hacked the Greenstyle Creations Elevate Crop into a strappy sports bra! Her zip-front sports bra sewn in SW is stunning as well!

The photos shown below are a collection of patterns designed for either knit or wovens that our team made the pattern work for them and their SW vision (or in the case of Jenn, to let the kiddos match Mommy in her flowy bamboo lycra maxi!)!

Finally, we can't talk The Styled Magnolia and Stretch Woven (SW) without mentioning bags! Our team has created some truly incredible bags and wallets using SW. An extra layer of interfacing goes a long way and gives the bags a smooth, finished look! It also makes for a beautiful, bright, and easy to clean interior! This is seen in the tan Leather-look Iolite Tote with Gold Haze SW lining, as well as the Deep Pink SW solid pairing beautifully with Teal Grunge Floral on canvas for it's interior, as shown on the Cloudsplitter Summit pack in the collection below.

We so look forward to all of the future TSM Stretch Woven bag sews!

As you can see, Stretch Woven really is such an incredibly versatile base! It is a base that makes you wonder "what can't I make with it?". From Blazers, to Bags, to Sports Bras!

Thank you for following along with me, and please continue to share your incredible Stretch Woven sews in our Facebook group!


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