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Unintentional Pairing Win!

Have you ever purchased two different fabrics with entirely separate, and complete outfits in mind; only to have them arrive and discover that they were just meant to be together?

That is what happened to me when I ordered Faux Linen in Jam on Rayon Challis, and our R21 design Watercolor Enchantment!

I had been so inspired by our team member, Caroline, and her athletic-look outfit that I had fully planned on recreating the same. (Even down to the scrunchie!) The Faux Linen in Jam was meant to be a flowy dress. Once the fabrics arrived, however, I couldn't stop thinking about how completely perfect they were together. I immediately began thinking up new outfit ideas, and how they could be paired.

First things first, though.

I knew while I was brainstorming Faux Linen tops, I could still get my athletic set sewn up. That was happening no matter what! I love my tights, sports bras, and athletic crops in TSM Endurance XC so much, which is what I had ordered Watercolor Enchantment on. So I moved forward and created this athletic set. I sewed a pair of Super G's leggings from Greenstyle Creations, a Brookings Sports bra from Little Lizard King, and tossed on a previously made (hacked) Houston tank, also from Little Lizard King.

My athletic set turned out just as I had hoped! (Who doesn't love it when that happens?!)

As an extra little touch of Watercolor Enchantment were the tongues of my shoes! That was with the aid of a very cute, but naughty pup with a love of shoes. She decided one day to remove the tongue and laces from my favorite pair of shoes. They sat and sat as I tried to decide what TSM design on canvas I should try and replace the tongues with. Then Watercolor Enchantment came, and that was that! It needed to be the pop of color in my neutral shoes! A little heavyweight interfacing, a little hand-sewing, new laces, and voila! A new, super cute look!

With my athletic set sewn my focus was back on the combination of Jam Faux Linen and Enchantment. I decided a simple tank would be a good start. I would have plenty of rayon left over that could still become something else, but a tank would allow for so many outfits.

I sewed a Barcelona tank (only slightly hacked) from Little Lizard King. As soon as I put it on I squealed because it was so cute and so perfect! I grabbed a light jacket, and sandals and bam! Perfect springy/summery/autumn full and complete outfit! I thought again how the two designs and colorways were just meant to be together!

The humidity can get heavy where I live in the summer.I quickly realized the decision to make a tank was perfect. I loved, too, how the Faux Linen design, while being classic, was also beautiful and interesting in it's own right.

After my first dressy outfit, I couldn't stop seeing more and more full outfits in my head. I realized Fall and Winter would be here quicker than I'd be ready for. Could Watercolor Enchantment be a focal part of a cold-weather outfit??

A basic tank, a Jamie Poncho from Made for Mermaids, my favorite booties, and I'm totally ready for the first cold snap! When everything turns grey outside I'll still feel bright, colorful and cheery, but totally in season and in style!

But for now, it is still Summer. Still hot (so hot!). Still humid. So, my Faux Linen rayon challis tank and a pair of shorts will be perfect. I can still pair a little Watercolor Enchantment, though, with my favorite shoes! Even if it's only me that notices those small tongues!

Plans are great, and useful, but these two designs showed me how it is ok to go off-script sometimes! A dress in Jam would have been beautiful (and may still happen in the future), but it was completely worth it to set that project aside, and let creativity take over.

Please share your TSM mix and match outfits with us in our Facebook group! We love to be inspired by you!

Thank you, Friends, for following along, and letting me share my creative side with you!


P.S. I almost forgot my Scrunchie!! I really did have to recreate Caroline's entire outfit! I mean, who doesn't need a flower scrunchie to perfectly match their workout outfit?!

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