TSM Influencer Spotlight, October: Ciara Clements


October has arrived and fall has officially started. Our October Influencer Spotlight is none other

than Ciara Clements. Ciara is fun, spunky, knows how to make you laugh, and super creative.

Having a chance to get to know her more was a treat. We hope you think so, too!

TSM-Over the past few years things have changed. What hobbies do you do to keep yourself


Ciara- I ride horses for relaxation. I have been riding since I was 13. I have done some horse

shows and received a few ribbons. I do a lot of baking and cooking too. I like to bake pound

cakes. Key lime pound cake is probably my favorite that I have made so far.

TSM- That pound cake sounds delicious. You will have to share the recipe.

Ciara- Hmm let me work on that.

TSM- Are there other hobbies you enjoy doing besides baking and riding horses? I hear you like

to garden.

Ciara- I do love to garden. I honestly did it by chance and nothing died. So, now I will grow

some more stuff. See if it continues to grow. Since I work full time and go to school full time I will

not take on anymore hobbies. There is no time. So, that and sewing is about it. I am pretty


TSM- With those hobbies and work schedule, you are far from boring.

TSM- What is something that people do not know about you?

Ciara- I am in the tech field. I have been in it for the past 8 years. People do not see me as super

technical person based on the way I look. They see me and expect me to do something else.

There are not a lot of women in the tech field doing what I do. I also ride horses.

TSM- What do you do in the tech field? Is it from a customer service standpoint?

Ciara- I basically help fix everything. It is from a customer service standpoint. I do not take

phone calls like in a call center setting. It is set up as a zoom appointment that allows me to

guide them to make the corrections that they need. There is no way for me to go into their