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TSM Influencer Spotlight, May: Kayla Murphy

Hopping into May with another amazing Influencer Spotlight. Our influencer this month makes some of the coolest dance outfits for her children. She is a kindred spirit with a passion for sewing and helping others learn the craft. Kayla Murphy shares so much joy for not only people but animals too. Enjoy a glimpse into getting to know Kayla just a little bit more!

TSM: I really want to thank you for hanging out with us today.

Kayla M: I am glad to be able to chat with you.

TSM: Let's start off with something unique about you. Is there something that people don't know about you?

Kayla M: My family sold everything in June 2021 to travel, and we still live in our RV on 20 acres.

TSM: You live in an RV? That sounds like an adventure within itself. What sparked the reason for traveling? To see the world?

Kayla M: My husband used to work 10–14 hour days and had a long commute. He has worked remotely since Covid so we took advantage of the flexibility. We've visited 33 different campsites since.

TSM: Which was your favorite?

Kayla M: There's so many! We had the most fun in Salt Springs, Florida.

TSM: This experience with family and time together sounds amazing. Complete bliss.

Kayla M: It has truly been great for us.

TSM: Did you sew while traveling?

Kayla M: Yes!! I sewed full-time and kept my business going while on the road.

TSM: How did you manage sewing with less space?

Kayla M: It was difficult at first and I had to be very strategic with how I stored everything. But I made it work and I was able to store it all under my bed. I had to be more strategic on projects.

TSM: That is cool you were able to keep everything going while traveling. That is pure talent.

Kayla M: Sewing brings me a lot of joy.

TSM: Joy is always good. Speaking of sewing, who do you sew for the most?

Kayla M: Definitely my daughter. I sew pretty much everything she wears.

TSM: Almost everything. I bet that brings a smile to her face every time she gets something new. Does she prefer specific items?

Kayla M: Yes! She prefers Activewear because she's a competitive dancer. I sew her class outfits, leotards, and costumes.

TSM: You sew for her dance class? That is fantastic and a lot of sewing.

Kayla M: Yes, I've created several team items. It's neat to see it all come together on stage.

TSM: I can only imagine watching it come to life through dance. What is your favorite thing to sew?

Kayla M: My absolute favorite thing to sew are dance costumes followed by handbags as a close second.

TSM: You have made some amazing pieces in dance, dresses, and handbags.

Kayla M: That is very sweet, thank you!

TSM: You are welcome.

TSM: What started your sewing venture?

Kayla M: I started sewing almost 7 years ago because my son had very sensitive skin to all diapers. I found sewing groups and started by sewing him cloth diapers.

TSM: Wow! That is a great reason to start sewing. Are you passionate about anything else?

Kayla M: I am passionate about too many things. I love to teach sewing classes and have taught from ages 8-80. I also love raising all the baby animals on our property (chicks, goats, and dogs).

TSM: Teaching classes must be so rewarding. Watching the student learn a skill and come out with a finished item. You have a little farm of animals. How cool is that!

Kayla M: I love that I can share sewing with the world and how rewarding it can be to make your own items. I love that I'm able to share my love of all things with my family and we can live our lives together closely. Sewing gives me that flexibility.

TSM: What is your favorite sewing tool or technique, or quote?

Kayla M: My favorite sewing tool is my projector. I couldn't run my business without it.

TSM: A projector is a great tool and cuts down on time. Talk about time management!

Kayla M: Yes! It speeds things up tremendously.

TSM: Since you use a projector to cut out your sews, what is your current favorite pattern?

Kayla M: My favorite pattern right now is the Hiraeth handbag from Lavender and Twine. It is a PDF pattern that I love. If I had to choose one I use the most with my projector it would be the Styla Valparaiso joggers. I have at least 6 pairs and they are my son's favorite as well.

TSM: What is your favorite print?

Kayla M: My favorite print is Mystic Rose.

TSM: Mystic Rose is a beautiful print. We know you have a passion for sewing, what other hobbies do you have?

Kayla M: I love to serve with my church. We have a food truck that we use to serve a hot plate to at least 80 individuals each week.

TSM: What a blessing being able to help others.

Kayla M: It's eye opening to meet people and learn of all walks of life. I also love all genres of books.

TSM: You love all genres of books, but do you have a favorite? Do you listen to books while sewing?

Kayla M: My favorite genre is suspense, and I love listening to audiobooks while I sew.

TSM: Suspense is great. Trying to figure out who did it before the book ends. I know you volunteer with your church; do you help out any other people?

Kayla M: I sew for a local company called LIVE2540 who sends all of the proceeds from the sale of items to the orphans of Liberia.

TSM: The amount of giving back you do is precious, kind, and so inspiring.

TSM: Earlier you mentioned you own a business, what is the name?

Kayla M: I am glad I have the flexibility to do it.

The AIM Co. Is my business name.

TSM: Is there something you want to make in the future that you haven't had time for or to challenge your sewing skills?

Kayla M: Oh gosh I'm not sure. I would love to tackle making my own luggage.

TSM: Oh, that would be awesome! I can see it now. You are attaching the luggage wheels and taking off to some international destination.

TSM: How can we support you here at TSM?

Kayla M: Everyone at TSM is beyond supportive. Keep posting new patterns!! I've learned so much from the handbag designers. My first bag pattern was the Iolite from The Styled Magnolia and I have been hooked ever since. The designers were so kind to help me through with all my questions.

TSM: The Iolite was your first bag pattern. We would have never known. Thank you so much for sharing that. That pattern was the first for a few.

TSM: Kayla we love being able to see all your beautiful makes. I cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to hang with me for a bit. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Kayla M: It has been so much fun, and I am so glad we were able to do this.

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