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TSM Influencer Spotlight, June: Jess Webbe

Good Morning! Can you believe that we are halfway through the year? It has gone by so quickly. I want to thank you for spending some time with us today to learn a little bit more. I know that you have a busy schedule ahead for the rest of your workday. Let’s get started so we do not keep you from the littles too long.

TSM: What do you do for your day?

Jess: I am a Special Education Consultant.

TSM: That sounds super fancy. What does someone with that job title do?

Jess: I work with teams to come up with ways to help students meet their goals. I also help create a safe and happy learning environment for them.

TSM: That is awesome. You are so kind and caring. I bet you love your job and being able to help children.

Jess: Yes, I love my job.

TSM: When it comes to sewing, what got you started?

Jess: I started in home education when I was in 8th grade. I gave up on it because no one showed me how to thread a needle. I started again when my youngest was born. We were moving into a new house and the high skylights needed curtains. A friend of mine caught wind of what I wanted to do so we decided to go get a sewing machine and some fabric to cover them. So, here I was 7 months pregnant making curtains. I think my son pulled on them constantly and they didn’t last very long. Ever since then I have been hooked.

TSM: That is a fantastic start to sewing. Having a friend who wanted to see you succeed and taking you out to get the necessary supplies. Your why is completely valid. I bet those curtains were so pretty. Jess, you started for your kids and that is amazing.

TSM: Who do you sew for the most?

Jess: I sew for my daughter the most. I actually did not sew for myself much until I was brought onto the influencer team. The reason why I sew for my daughter more is because there was not much in the stores that were our style. She is super tough to fit. She is small, built like a gymnast but has a long torso and broad shoulders. To fit her was almost impossible. I used to make her whole wardrobe.

TSM: You have a son too, right? Do you sew for him at all?

Jess: Yes, I do have a son. I sew for him occasionally. He loves his ready-to-wear brands. Mostly for him he loves pajamas and jackets. When he played hockey a lot, I made him layers for under his uniform.

TSM: Yes, layers are necessary for hockey. You can get hot and cold so quickly on the ice.

Jess: Bamboo Lycra was a lifesaver for us. He would go out on the ice and start off freezing and come off pouring in sweat. It was so breathable for him, but it was just that one more layer for him that was perfect.

TSM: It added warmth yet was cool enough to not overheat him. Great job finding a balance.

Jess: It is a base used frequently in our house.

TSM: Bamboo lycra is a great base.

TSM: What is something unique or something that no one knows about you?

Jess: Oh, I have been thinking about this. I had a feeling it would get asked. Normally I would not consider myself a unique person, but I probably bake better than I sew.

TSM: Really? You sew very well but you feel you bake better. That was not an answer I was expecting. What do you like to bake?

Jess: Yes, really. I absolutely love to bake. It may not always look pretty but it tastes amazing. My kids love to make cupcakes and cakes. So that is what we do. Every time there is a school break, we always have a project that we do.