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TSM Influencer Spotlight, June: Jess Webbe

Good Morning! Can you believe that we are halfway through the year? It has gone by so quickly. I want to thank you for spending some time with us today to learn a little bit more. I know that you have a busy schedule ahead for the rest of your workday. Let’s get started so we do not keep you from the littles too long.

TSM: What do you do for your day?

Jess: I am a Special Education Consultant.

TSM: That sounds super fancy. What does someone with that job title do?

Jess: I work with teams to come up with ways to help students meet their goals. I also help create a safe and happy learning environment for them.

TSM: That is awesome. You are so kind and caring. I bet you love your job and being able to help children.

Jess: Yes, I love my job.

TSM: When it comes to sewing, what got you started?

Jess: I started in home education when I was in 8th grade. I gave up on it because no one showed me how to thread a needle. I started again when my youngest was born. We were moving into a new house and the high skylights needed curtains. A friend of mine caught wind of what I wanted to do so we decided to go get a sewing machine and some fabric to cover them. So, here I was 7 months pregnant making curtains. I think my son pulled on them constantly and they didn’t last very long. Ever since then I have been hooked.

TSM: That is a fantastic start to sewing. Having a friend who wanted to see you succeed and taking you out to get the necessary supplies. Your why is completely valid. I bet those curtains were so pretty. Jess, you started for your kids and that is amazing.

TSM: Who do you sew for the most?

Jess: I sew for my daughter the most. I actually did not sew for myself much until I was brought onto the influencer team. The reason why I sew for my daughter more is because there was not much in the stores that were our style. She is super tough to fit. She is small, built like a gymnast but has a long torso and broad shoulders. To fit her was almost impossible. I used to make her whole wardrobe.

TSM: You have a son too, right? Do you sew for him at all?

Jess: Yes, I do have a son. I sew for him occasionally. He loves his ready-to-wear brands. Mostly for him he loves pajamas and jackets. When he played hockey a lot, I made him layers for under his uniform.

TSM: Yes, layers are necessary for hockey. You can get hot and cold so quickly on the ice.

Jess: Bamboo Lycra was a lifesaver for us. He would go out on the ice and start off freezing and come off pouring in sweat. It was so breathable for him, but it was just that one more layer for him that was perfect.

TSM: It added warmth yet was cool enough to not overheat him. Great job finding a balance.

Jess: It is a base used frequently in our house.

TSM: Bamboo lycra is a great base.

TSM: What is something unique or something that no one knows about you?

Jess: Oh, I have been thinking about this. I had a feeling it would get asked. Normally I would not consider myself a unique person, but I probably bake better than I sew.

TSM: Really? You sew very well but you feel you bake better. That was not an answer I was expecting. What do you like to bake?

Jess: Yes, really. I absolutely love to bake. It may not always look pretty but it tastes amazing. My kids love to make cupcakes and cakes. So that is what we do. Every time there is a school break, we always have a project that we do.

TSM: You are making me hungry for something sweet. Baking is a great skill to have.

Jess: My grandma loves to bake and when we lived with her for a few years. When I was little, my parents would have her watch us. She would “wake me up”, I really wouldn’t nap because she told me not to fall asleep. So, when my parents left, she would get me up and take me into the kitchen. Teach me how to frost cakes, pour the batter, and measure out the ingredients. It was something I started with my kids as soon as they could hold a measuring cup. I would sit them down on the kitchen counter and let them help.

TSM: What a fantastic skill to teach the children. Building those long-lasting memories for them. It can be something they can pass down when they are older.

Jess: My oldest loves to cook now. He can make a better mac and cheese than I can. He can make a mean egg salad and can do the basics.

TSM: Jess, since you teach, bake, and sew; what is your favorite tool for sewing?

Jess: That has to be my serger.

TSM: Why?

Jess: I can do so much with it. I got myself the Baby Lock Aclaim. I use it for everything now. The flatlock on it is amazing. I did not think it was such a big deal until I started wearing flat-locked leggings.

TSM: What is your favorite TSM print?

Jess: I have been talking with another influencer about this for probably 3 days. I honestly have to say it is whatever is on my sewing table next. Right now that is Party Palms. Whatever I am working on is my favorite. TSM has so many fabulous prints that they all end up being my favorite.

TSM: What is currently on your cutting table?

Jess: Right now, I am working on a few tests that should be coming out soon. Which is super exciting. I also plan to make myself leggings and a sports bra.

TSM: What is your current favorite pattern?

Jess: The ones that I use or wear the most are the 3R Shorts from Greenstyle Creations. I have made so many of them.

TSM: What fabric base did you choose to make those shorts?

Jess: I have used endurance xc to make a pair and they are amazing. Maybe I will make some in Party Palms.

TSM: Party Palms has so many different coordinating colors you could use.

TSM: What is your favorite thing to sew?

Jess: I love to sew swimsuits and leotards.

TSM: Is it because the sew itself was easy? Is it since you can sew them from memory?

Jess: I can't say why. I sewed a couple leotards for my daughter and sewed myself some bathing suits. I love the construction of it. I love how you can take a simple pattern and make it look amazing. You can take the pattern and use a few different prints and it just makes it look amazing. I also got really good at the elastic part. It is my favorite part of the process.

TSM: Being able to color block a pattern can really elevate it.

Jess: It really can. One small panel of mesh with the right print can make it look so cool.

TSM: How can we support you as a team member on your sewing venture?

Jess: Everyone being who they are. It has been so much fun getting to know everyone. I do not have a lot outside of sewing that I do just for me. I am a mom who is super busy. So, when I can sit down and be at my machine it is so nice that I am doing something that is for me. To have a really strong group of women that feel the same way and we can talk about. It makes this experience better.

TSM: That is extremely touching, and I think we can relate to that. Having someone to share our interests with.

TSM: What do you look forward to sewing in the future? Is it a pattern that has not been created yet?

Jess: I am most excited about a Zebra print that was sent to me by a sewing friend. I have been trying to figure out what to make with it for my son who has a genetic disorder called Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. The zebra print is the symbol for people with rare diseases. We have been excited about what we will do with it. We will sit down and design something. This will be something for him to help express and be more open about his disease. He has come to accept it more and actually wants to bring more awareness. He used to want to hide and not talk about it. So, for us to have something that came from my sewing friends and TSM and closely linked to a huge piece of my family. It makes this really special.

TSM: Wow. We are touched that we could help create memories for you two. To help your son come out of his shell more and a print that makes him smile. We are truly honored. Super excited to see what you two create. He may need some zebra in swim.

TSM: I want to thank you for spending time out of your busy workday to hang out with me. I really enjoyed learning about why you started sewing and how much we enjoy our sewing friends. It was a pleasure. Thank you again.

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