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TSM Influencer Spotlight, January: Cynthia Solis Hendrickson

2022 is behind us and a new year is ours to conquer. We hope you all had a great Holiday season and achieve whatever your heart’s desire this year. January is here and we have our first Influencer Spotlight. Cynthia Solis Hendrickson is a kindhearted person, knows how to make some delicious sourdough waffles, and is so full of life. Enjoy taking a peek into getting to know Cynthia just a little bit more.

TSM: Cynthia, I really want to thank you for taking time out of your Holiday schedule to talk with us. We are extremely excited to learn more about you. Let's dive right in and give the readers what they came here for!

Cynthia: Absolutely! I’m excited

TSM: Since 2022 is coming to an end, what are your plans for YOU in 2023?

Cynthia: 2023 will be a year of transition for me. My oldest daughter will be graduating high school and heading off to college. Every single day brings new reminders that she'll soon be gone. It's going to take some time getting used to the idea and then more time getting used to the reality. I severely underestimated how hard this would be but now that it's here I'm trying to prepare myself. Sewing-wise I want to become more efficient and organized with my time.

TSM: Graduating high school and starting college already? Wow! How time sure does fly. Do you have a plan yet on how you will be more purposeful with your sewing time?

Cynthia: Becoming more organized has been an ongoing process. I like trying new strategies. Some of them stick and some don't. This year I'll continue with my calendar approach of keeping a month-view calendar with deadlines to help me plan my days and weeks of sewing. It really helps me to have a visual of what's coming up. Then behind each month I keep project pages with details and notes on each project such as pattern, fabric used, adjustments made, measurements, etc.

TSM: The organizational strategy sounds great. We would love to see this strategy. (Remember you can download our TSM Project sheets here!)

Cynthia: The change I'm making hasn't exactly been settled. I tend to come up to my sewing loft and daydream about projects I want to make and play with a multitude of ideas for each piece of fabric I want to sew. If you have any tips on how to stop wasting time in that way, I'm open to suggestions.

TSM: I am afraid I cannot help with any tips. I daydream too. It may be the sewist in us. Do you write down what you intend to make with the fabrics you order?

Cynthia: I actually started noting my plan when requesting or ordering fabrics. When filling out January through May 2023, I wrote down my pattern plans into the calendar so that hopefully I will stick to those ideas.

***Trigger Warning: Infant Loss****

TSM: Good luck with sticking to those plans. While we are on the topic of fabrics, why did you start sewing?

Cynthia: I actually bought and cut fabric before I ever planned to sew!

TSM: You bought fabric and cut it? What was its intended purpose? Did you have an end project?

Cynthia: A friend of mine began an organization, called Teeny Tears, that makes and donates tiny flannel diapers to hospitals for families that have a preemie or micro-preemie loss or stillbirth. These babies are too small for any commercial diapers. I cut out and mailed boxes of diapers to her before I purchased a machine. After a couple of boxes, I bought a machine and began hosting diaper making get-togethers with some friends and we made hundreds of diapers in honor of my sweet angel, Leila.

TSM: How sweet of you to help others. Would you say helping Leila was why you started sewing?

Cynthia: I would say that honoring Leila was my start to sewing, absolutely. Leila was Chloe's identical twin.

TSM: Thank you so much for sharing your sweet story. Besides you being a diaper making machine, what would you say is unique or unknown about you?

Cynthia: I think most people don't know that I come from a military family. I married a veteran, so I have lived in many places. I was born in Germany, early childhood I was in Italy, then raised in Texas. I lived in Germany after college, then off to Colorado, Ohio, and now Alabama.

TSM: Out of all the places you have lived, which would be your favorite?

Cynthia: That's a tough question. Each place has its own pros and cons. Germany was amazing because I was straight out of college, had a good job, and zero financial responsibility, so I traveled a lot. Traveling in Europe is so much fun. Ohio was a wonderful place for raising our kids and we made some great friends there. Texas is where my family lives. If I could choose any place to live it would be there.

TSM: You made a home out of every place you lived. That is how it should be.