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TSM Influencer Spotlight, August: Shelly Andrews

Our TSM Team had an amazing time getting to meet several of our team members in July. Each team member has such a special talent, amazing personality, and genuine love for what they do. We want to help you get to know them a little better, too! Our first Influencer Spotlight will be with Shelly Andrews, one of our moderators for our Facebook group. Shelly is so talented, in so many ways. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about her!

TSM- Hi Shelly! We are so glad to have you join us as our first Influencer Spotlight!

Shelly- Hey! I'm happy to join you!

TSM- So, before we jump into sewing, what is something we don't know about you? Also, what other hobbies do you have? What do you enjoy doing?

Shelly- Well, first, Shelly isn't my real name! And, I do love to Cross-Stitch. I love watching movies, especially action movies, as well.

TSM- Really?? Are you ready to share your name? What action movie would you say is your all-time favorite?

Shelly- Not quite yet. And, my favorite? Oh, hmm...I would say Wrath of a Man. It has Jason Statham in it.

TSM- What do you like most about Cross-Stitch and what is the longest you've worked on a single project?

Shelly- I like Cross-Stitch as a relaxation hobby. One I made for my husband when he was deployed is the longest project so far. That took me a little over six months to complete. I put a binding around it and then framed it. I am in the process of making a big one now. That one may take me about a year to complete.

TSM- Wow! That is incredible!! That (refers to the completed Cross-Stitch photo'd above) is beautiful! That binding is a brilliant touch!

Shelly- Thank you. Yes, that took a while to finish.

TSM- So, when did you begin sewing? What were some of the things you sewed first?

Shelly- I started sewing quilts back in high school, but then more recently the pandemic started, so.. My husband had actually wanted to start sewing car covers and seat covers. Then from there I moved in to sewing clothes, and began to sew for myself. The things I was sewing just fit better than they do in the stores. And that is true for the entire family. Whether that be my tall, skinny kids, or my more muscular husband where the store-bought tees are too tight in places.

TSM- Yes! We completely understand that. It's so nice to make those adjustments and have things that truly fit. What is a tool you have found you use often while sewing?

Shelly- You know, I really like this little tool I got from a shop called Bedazzled supplies as a freebie! It is a Sewing Measure Guage, and I really like it for hems.

TSM- That is a neat little tool! What would you say your current favorite pattern to sew is?

Shelly- The Cami Tank from Greenstyle Creations. Especially with the shelf-bra. It is such a comfy pattern for lounging or all-day wear. It is simple and cute. You know, narrowing it down is hard! I also really like the Cologne pattern from Styla and the Bryce top from Made for Mermaids. I like how each one has such a different use. (Greenstyle Cami shown below in TSM Rib Knit)

TSM- We are excited to ask, which is your all-time favorite TSM design? What was your favorite sew using it?

Shelly- Helix. That's easy. Helix. It was my first strike ever. Because it was my first one, what I made with it, the cropped Waimea Rash Guard (from Greenstyle Creations), was so special. I'd ideally like to sew leggings with it. Leggings would be so perfect.

TSM- We would love to support you in your sewing ventures! Do you have a sewing business or blog we can visit?

Shelly- Yes, I do. I have my business, ShellShock'd Creations.

(Photos shown: Handbag sewn by Shelly for ShellShock'd Creations, drawstring bag of own design with crafted letters for children as a learning aid, resin-backed TSM stretch woven key chains)