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TSM Influencer Spotlight, April: Andrea Soo

Today is a great day, and we are so excited to get to spend some time with you, Andrea. Thank you for joining us for April’s Influencer Spotlight. You have shared so many beautiful makes with us and we cannot wait to find out which ones are your favorites. Are you ready to get started? I know we are!

TSM: You seem to be a very busy person. What do you do for a living?

Andrea: I am a Statistician.

TSM: What is a Statistician?

Andrea: I am a statistician who is involved in planning and analyzing data for studies in the intensive care unit.

TSM: That sounds like such a wonderful field to get into. What made you choose that field?

Andrea: I love data and numbers. I originally started in the field for the numbers but once I spoke with someone they asked if I was interested in health. I truly wanted to do something that helped others, and this is where it led me.

TSM: What is something you find unique about yourself?

Andrea: Several years ago, I learned how to DJ. I guess I am not sure I can actually call myself a DJ, but I had so much fun doing it.

TSM: A DJ really? Were you able to do all the scratches? Do you still DJ?

Andrea: I cannot say I did that well either, but I have not practiced in a while due to time. Sewing takes up more of it now. I do miss it. One day I will get back to it.

TSM: How did you start sewing?

Andrea: My parents put me in sewing lessons when I was 7. There were 2 or 3 of us taking lessons from a classmate's mom. I am on my 2nd sewing machine, but I have had the 2nd one since high school.

TSM: What did you start sewing on?

Andrea: I do not remember my first sewing machine, but it was super basic. It might have been from Sears.

TSM: Did you take any sewing classes in high school?

Andrea: The sewing class was called Fashion, but it sounds fancier than it was.

TSM: Since it was called Fashion was it tailored to garment sewing?

Andrea: Yes

TSM: What was the first garment you sewed?

Andrea: I do not remember the first garment but the first piece I made was a Big Foot Pillow. Literally the toenails were made of felt.

TSM: That sounds like a cool project. Who does not like a pillow of a foot! Would you say that being put in sewing lessons started your passion for sewing?

Andrea: Yes, it did.

TSM: What is your favorite sewing tool, technique, even a quote that you love to use?

Andrea: I like my projector, rotary cutter, and my new cutting table. I used to have a folding table and that made projector cutting more difficult.

TSM: How long have you had your projector?

Andrea: I got it sometime last year. Finally got it set up and could use it without having to move it around. I did not want to calibrate it before I moved it. So, once I got my new table I finally moved it to my sewing room and now I do not have to calibrate every time I want to use. Now I do not have an excuse to procrastinate on getting a pattern done.

TSM: What is your favorite thing you have sewn?

Andrea: Hmm…I love my Styla Patterns Kodiak and my Eden’s Rose dress. I used the Nina dress from Fibre Mood to make it.

TSM: With it being in the colder months right now where you live, I bet your Kodiak has been put to good use. Is the Nina dress the one with all the pretty pleats you did?

Andrea: Yes, that is the dress. The jacket has been used for sure.

TSM: Those two makes were amazing!

TSM: What is your current favorite pattern to sew?

Andrea: My go to pattern is The Studio to Street by Greenstyle Creations.

TSM: That pattern is super pretty.

Andrea: I love the variations it has and even hacked it with the Valerie dress from Greenstyle too. I have so many Studio to Streets.

Andrea: I have a lot of prints that I love.

TSM: It can be hard to narrow down a top print.

TSM: Since you love floral prints and have a stash of fabric, what is your favorite TSM Design?

Andrea: I keep going back and forth but I will say it is Floral Sketches.