Tie-Dying your TSM White Solids!

Tie-dye is something that I have loved to do for as long as I can remember. My biggest frustration with it has been that it is never as vibrant as I want. Since first learning tie-dye, I have learned some tips and tricks for getting a gorgeous, vibrant tie-dye. One of my most favorite methods is using powder dyes and ice!

Here are the products I use for this:

* Synthrapol Detergent

* Soda Ash Fixer

* Dharma Fiber Reactive Dyes

* Large Cubed Ice

* Rubber Bands

* TSM Cotton French Terry

Most of these can be found on the Dharma website along with tips and tricks for other tie-dye methods! These dyes are only recommended for natural fibers, making TSM's Cotton French Terry a perfect base!

To start with, I wash my fabric using the Synthrapol detergent. This gets any factory chemicals off, helping the fabric absorb dye better! From there, I soak it in water mixed with the soda ash fixer. Soda Ash fixer helps the fabric to absorb the dye better, as well. It really helps with a bright tie dye! After it has soaked, I ring out the fabric as well as I can. It should be damp, but not soaking wet.

Now it is time to do the tying and dying! I gathered the fabric in a wavy pattern from selvedge to selvedge and used my rubber bands to secure the gathers. This can be done in so many different methods or patterns, I suggest looking online for tie dye patterns and how to make them to get the desired look. Once tied up, I sprinkled my dyes all over the fabric. I used a color palette I found on pinterest for inspiration! I did this for the top and bottom to make sure the fabric will be really saturated. Then, I added ice all over my tied fabric. Less ice can be used to carry dye further through the fabric, but then it is usually not quite as bright. I used a lot of ice for mine!

From here it is a waiting game. I left my fabric overnight, checking on it and adding more ice as needed. Once the fabric looked really saturated with only a little white, I decided it was done!

Now it is time to rinse and wash! I rinsed and rung out as much dye as possible before popping it into the washing machine. I washed and dried it as I usually would any CFT garment. This came out really cool!