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Sewing TSM Bamboo French Terry!

One of my favorite TSM bases is Bamboo French Terry. When thinking of a "dreamy" base, this absolutely comes to mind. The drape is incredible, the texture is silky soft, and the weight (in feel) is a perfect medium. I decided I should sew up a bit of mine to show just how remarkable the drape, especially, truly is. After going back and forth, I finally settled on a dress with a circle skirt and circular sleeves, and it could not have been more perfect!

I love how a circle skirt captures the flowing drape of Bamboo French Terry (bft) perfectly! At 280gsm it is our weightiest knit base, but the silkiness of the bamboo doesn't make it feel heavy or too thick. The weight allows for the dress to lay beautifully, yet is not so heavy it pulls and stretches the waist seam. The way that BFT is knit makes it lighter, in feel, than our Cotton French Terry. TSM BFT ends up being cooler while wearing, incredibly 'silky' soft, and less structured, which of course lends to that beautiful drape! My daughter immediately began twirling circles when she put on her new bft dress and it flowed and twirled beautifully along with her!

The Styled Magnolia BFT is made up of 95% bamboo/ 5% lycra and is 4-way stretch, making for a fantastically comfy bodice, in this case, and all day wear! While the knit is light in feel, there is structure that makes adding pockets or a hem to a circle skirt (one of my least favorite projects!) a breeze. I know it would make things easier, but I even skipped adding interfacing to the pocket/side-seam edges and hem tape. I simply pressed well as I turned the fabric along the hemline and it both held and sewed beautifully!

Our team have put together some pretty wonderful sews using Bamboo French Terry, too! They have mentioned how it is so cool to the touch, yet has just enough warmth for a crisp fall day. I find that to be true in the opposite, as well! It feels as though it may keep you a little too warm with the looping on the reverse, but even on a warmer Fall or Spring day you are cool and comfy. It truly is an impressive base! Just look at all of these stunning and unique sews using BFT!

I hope these Team sews help inspire you on your next BFT creation! Bamboo French Terry is a comfortable yet luxurious feeling base that lends itself to many different style types! Dress it up, wear it casually, or as loungewear!

We always love seeing your creations in our Facebook group, so please be sure to post your Bamboo French Terry makes there!

Thank you for following along with me,


(Dress created using Aurora design from Pick-a-Print, Pattern used is Tofino from Little Lizard King Patterns)

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