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Opal Organizer Tester Inspiration!

The Styled Magnolia is so excited to release our second Freebie pattern, the Opal Organizer!

Opal was designed as a way to keep your tablets, planners, or small notebooks protected and with the pen/stylus pockets, you won’t find yourself searching EVERYWHERE for the pen you KNEW you had just yesterday (or is that just me? I swear they are always easy to find until you actually need one)

Our team sewed so many amazing Opal Organizers using a variety of fabrics and stabilizers. This pattern works perfectly with TSM vinyl or faux leather, luxury cotton, stretch woven, and even canvas! We can’t wait to see what creativity you bring to the Opal Organizer as well! Please be sure to share all of your Opal Organizers in our Facebook group!


Opal Organizer Designer

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