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Marveling at Marbles

The Styled Magnolia Marbles first debuted in October of 2019, and became an instant favorite. Since then, the collection of TSM Marbles has continued to grow, and still remains a treasured addition to our fabric stash!

Our team has consistently shown so much creativity in how they showcase these designs, and we are inspired by them every round Marbles run. They present just how vast the personality of each design can be! From bright and cheery, to deep and moody, to fun and funky! We couldn't resist compiling a taste of this creativity in one place to help inspire you as well!

We first have to highlight the amazing legging sets the team has sewn. There is something just so stunning about a solid pair of TSM Marble leggings. We can't help but say "whoa!" each time our team sews and photos a fresh pair of Marble leggings. What increases the "whoa" factor even more is their creativity in a matching sports bra or crop! They almost always have an incredible pattern hack or pairing up their sleeve, and we are amazed every time!

We also love to see the tops and hoodies the team creates. The way they pair the design with the pattern they have selected is flawless every time! It is always fun to see what colors they pull from the design to be their solid coordinates. Or how a pure Marble top can be a complete stunner as well. How brilliantly fun is the neon yellow drawstring on Caroline's Sanguine Marble pullover?! Or how Kate made a tank in Alchemy Marble, then made a pair of leggings with the gusset in the same peeking through? Then still, Sarai's asymmetrical top in Rapture Marble? So much creativity and pure talent!

Of course we could not leave out bags and wallets! The detail in the Marbles lends so well toward bag making. Even a small wallet ends up being a statement piece as the design and vivid colors swirl and wrap around the length of it. Our Iolite Tote is another absolute stand out in the Marbles. A stunning way to showcase not only your new tote, but your favorite design as well! Perhaps the biggest challenge here, is deciding what color hardware to pair!

Dresses and skirts in the TSM Marbles have also become absolute show-stoppers! They are beautiful as a summer dress, date night outfit, work dress, or for a day downtown! All of our team members are so incredible in their strike sews, but one sew in particular that stunned us was Sarai in her Vertigo Marble skirt and top! Paired together they absolutely look like a gorgeous, flowy, knee-length gown, but are actually a corset top and hi-lo skirt combo! She created both pieces using Athletic Brushed Polyester.

We of course also have to talk about all of the options for bottoms and swim! Boardshorts in the Marbles have been a complete win; Jenn wowed us with her husband's in Magma, and we are excited to see more sewn up and shared in our Facebook group with the many new designs from Round 26! Some of our other favorite Marble bottoms have been joggers and shorts, while the options for swim are just endless! We love how Kate put together her crop rashguard sets. Perhaps for now, though, lounging in a pair of Wicked joggers in Bamboo French Terry would be dreamy as we head into fall and cooler temperatures!

Well, that's our round up of Marvelous Marbles! Until next time TSM Marbles make an appearance, anyway! It truly has been incredible and fun seeing all of the Team's Marble makes together, yes? We love their creativity and eye for design! The Marbles on their own are so unique and lively, but both of those factors grow exponentially when in the hands of a sewist! Please be sure to share your favorite Marble sews with us in our Facebook group! We love seeing your creativity and design, so much!

Thank you for following along with me!


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