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Introducing TSM Softshell!

A while back we asked which bases you wanted to see, and Softshell was answered with much enthusiasm! A few short months later and we are so excited to offer this new seasonal base!

To help you brainstorm, we want to give a closer look at TSM Softshell, a bit of our insight from sewing, and a suggested pattern list to get you started!

If you have sewn TSM Stretch Woven, you will be familiar with the outer shell of this amazing new base. TSM Softshell is our Stretch Woven fused to a fleece backing layer, which makes it water resistant and cozy. The weight comes in at 391gsm, making it our weightiest apparel base. The fleece lining is thinner than some rtw (ready-to-wear) fleece, but compact and warm. It is not a base that will be allowing the cold winter air in when you need it to stay out! TSM Softshell has been given a 0% stretch percentage, so you will need to be sure to keep that in mind when choosing a pattern, though, it does have a slight bit of 'give' making it incredibly comfortable.

Sometimes when sewing a heavier fabric, you find that it is harder to add detail, and perhaps a bit of flare. TSM Softshell truly sews up so beautifully. Both jackets shown here had piping incorporated in, and heavy zippers. TSM Softshell has both the structure and give, to allow for these details to look charming, without a bit of wonkiness! Alex even added elastic cording and a casing to her inside, and it finished clean and stunning. Grommets, binding, and cording were also added with ease. TSM Softshell took so nicely to topstitching as well!

The Lost Meadow (teal floral) jacket was sewn using the Pepe from Meine Herzenswelt pattern. Alex sewed her version using her measured size, though she notes she did choose the lower end of the ease range Meine Herzenswelt gives within the pattern. She also notes that she prepped her fabric by washing in her washing machine, and drying in the dryer on a regular cycle.

(We do always recommend sewing a muslin prior to cutting your desired 'final' fabric.)

The Mother Earth jacket was sewn using the Whistler Jacket pattern from Greenstyle Creations. This Whistler was also sewn using the measured size, no adjustments were made. Whistler has a decent amount of ease built in, making for a comfortable and slightly roomy jacket. Pictured below are side by sides of the Whistler sewn in both TSM Stretch Woven (SW) and TSM Softshell in the same size and same pattern options. The SW version has a noticeable amount more drape, but there is not a significant difference in fit, aside from structure.

We hope you are ready to sew TSM Softshell in the coming months and will be sure to share your makes with us! We love seeing your TSM creations in our Facebook group!

Below you will find a list of Softshell pattern recommendations our team has put together to get you started!

(We do recommend sewing a muslin in woven prior to sewing your Softshell, as size adjustments or pattern modifications may be necessary depending on the pattern chosen.)

Thank you for following along!


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