Getting the Most out of Your TSM!

The Styled Magnolia has a few unique features you may not know about, or have seen, but not had the chance to make use out of. We are going to talk about those today!

First, is the Fill My Box-Hardware listing. You will find this under the Retail/Preorder/&Pick-a-Print tabs. This is a feature I, personally, love! When a preorder round is open I may order Faux Leather, Vinyl, or Canvas with a bag in mind, but am unsure what color hardware to pair with it. This is where the Fill My Box comes in so wonderfully convenient!

Once my preorder is packaged at TSM, by adding the Fill My Box-Hardware option to my preorder cart, I will get an email letting me know to place a Hardware retail order. Often by the time a preorder has arrived at TSM I have developed an idea for my yardage, and adding the hardware to my preorder saves me the additional cost of shipping!

You are able to use this feature on Retail as well, which gives the opportunity to get assistance with which hardware color may best suit your order. This can be especially useful on prints that look like they may lend better to one color over another, but you just aren't sure.

There is also a Fill My Box-Fabrics listing. This feature sends you an email when your order has been packaged and is ready to ship letting you know that there is room in your box. If you'd like to add retail to this order, to maximize shipping, you are able!

For instance, when my preorder has arrived, TSM may have recently got in new solids that coordinate well with my order and it is helpful to have the option to add on and save in shipping!

Look for these listing photos on your next order!:

In our Facebook group we absolutely love seeing your TSM sews! It is always so inspiring to see your vision of a TSM design or pattern came to life. To celebrate these incredible sews we have a monthly TSM makes album!

In our Facebook group go to the 'albums' tab, locate the current month's "I Made That!" album, and add your new TSM creations. (At the top of the album you will find guidelines for how to add more entries for each make) On the First of the upcoming month we randomly select a winner from the previous month's entries and the Winner receives a yard of TSM fabric on TSM!!

Be sure to add your makes and shares to the monthly album!

We also like to have a bit of fun each month in highlighting a Pick-a-Print design as our Design of the Month. The Design of the Month (DotM) will be marked down 10% for the entire month of its selection. No code is necessary. Simply add your desired bases and quantities to your cart and head to checkout to receive the DotM price. All TSM bases are included in the DotM sale.

While a design is highlighted as Design of the Month, we absolutely encourage you to share your makes (past or new!) in the TSM Facebook group! We love to be inspired by your creations.

One of our absolute favorite things at TSM Patterns is the Tester Round-Up, that comes once a new pattern releases! You will find these right here, in the Blog section of the website! Here we put together a collection of each bag a tester created during the pattern's testing period, including what fabrics and hardware sources were used. Seeing the different fabric and hardware combinations from the team encourage us, and we hope they inspire you as well!