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Cypress Cellphone Crossbody Tester Round-Up!

The Cypress Cellphone Crossbody is LIVE! It’s been so much fun getting this one packaged to share with everyone in the sewing community. Cypress comes in two different sizes and is packed full of options for all your needs.

The testing team for Cypress churned out the most STUNNING versions of my first large scale pattern! I am so excited to see them all rounded up together in this blog post. Each of our testers supplied their hardware and fabric sources below for inspiration as you sew your own!


Designer of Cypress

Danielle Allen (Bag 1)

Exterior: TSM Faux Leather (Cypress) and Milan (charcoal)

Interior: (not pictured)

Hardware: TSM

Danielle Allen (Bag 2)

Exterior: TSM Faux Leather (Magnolia) and Marine Vinyl Solid

Interior: (not pictured)

Hardware: TSM and personal stash

Danielle Allen (Bag 3)

Exterior: TSM Faux Leather (Peachy-Pink Gingham, Falleyn's Flowers)

Interior: Woven from Sew Dynamic

Hardware: TSM

Lynne Zachman

Exterior: TSM Faux Leather (Emerald Forest)

Interior: personal stash

Hardware: TSM and Wawak

Leanne Clay

Exterior: Canvas and synthetic leather from Inklings and the Kraken Fabrics Australia

Interior: personal stash

Hardware: personal stash