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Creating a TSM Watch Band Cover! (a tutorial)

Hi friends, this is Nikki and I’m taking over the TSM blog today to share how I sewed my watch band. At the bottom is a video tutorial if you are more of a visual learner. This is a great scrap buster for all your stretch woven and canvas. I have a Garmin 4S and purchased the extra band on Amazon, but this should work with any buckle silicone/rubber watch band. The only other supplies you will need are double-sided tape (dst) and fray check.

Start by measuring the width of your band to determine the width of the material you will be cutting. I wanted the width of my fabric to be half a square (1/16”) over 1/2" inch once finished, so I cut my fabric at 1-1/8” inch to have enough to turn both sides in to the center. I cut the length so I would have some extra to turn under the ends. My pieces ended up being about 5.5” long and 4.5” long, but this could differ depending on your band. Place a piece of double-sided tape (dst) down the center back of the material and fold both sides. Make sure your pieces don’t overlap or you might be able to see the bump from the other side once finished.

I start with the open end on the flat side. This is the most difficult part of the whole thing for me. I put a piece of dst on the back near the edge and turn the edge under to try and match the curve of the edge of the band. Then clip to help hold in place. On the other end, fold the edge under and add a piece of dst to help hold in place. Make sure you have enough material to catch this side with your stitches.

For the other piece, I like to start at the buckle with my folded under bit on the underside of the buckle. From here you will wrap your fabric through the buckle and estimate where you need to clip the fabric for your buckle to slide through. Cover your hole with a drop of fray check and slide your buckle through. Fold over the other end the same as you did the other piece.