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Cascade Tester Round Up

The tester round up for the Cascade Crossbody bag is here! Everyone did such an amazing job with their bags. I’m so happy to have such a talented team of testers!


Alex Soelke (bag1)

Exterior- TSM vinyl (Cascade Print)

Interior-Quilting cotton from local store

Hardware-Mixture of hardware from Emmaline, Wizardry Stitchery and Idleblooms

Alex Soelke (bag2)

Exterior- TSM faux leather (wildflowers)

Interior-TSM luxury cotton (faux linen look in Jade)

Hardware-Emmaline bags and strap sliders from Wizardry Stitchery

Alex Soelke (bag3)

Exterior- TSM canvas (abstract leaves) Straps are tan mora faux leather from Emmaline

Interior-Cotton woven from Hobby Lobby

Hardware-Emmaline bags and Wizardry Stitchery

Danielle Allen

Exterior-Faux leather from TSM (Amethyst in Ashes)

Interior-Cotton woven from Joann Fabrics


Nikki Scott

Exterior- Vinyl from TSM (Tender Night), White marine vinyl is from Fabrictopia

Interior-Hunter green cotton woven from Joann Fabrics

Hardware- Idleblooms and Emmaline bags

Susi Schuegraf

Exterior- Vinyl is from Seweird, Contrast and strap vinyl is from FIDM

Interior-Fabric from

Hardware-Strap ends from Idlebloom, Hardware is from Etsy and zippers are from Amazon

Sharon Patterson Thomas (bag1-brown)

Exterior-Brown leather from personal stash

Interior-TSM stretch woven (tawny leopard)

Hardware-Amazon and Idleblooms

Sharon Patterson Thomas (bag 2-)

Exterior-TSM vinyl (morning Glory)

Interior- TSM stretch woven

Hardware-Amazon and Idleblooms

Linda Klenke

Exterior- TSM canvas (Decollage), Red Rex vinyl from Emmaline

Interior-Chalk and Chalkboard quilting cotton from Edward’s Sewing Center

Hardware-zippers are from Emmaline and hardware is from ANotionToSew on Etsy.

Jennifer Grimaldi

Exterior-Mora faux leather from Emmaline

Interior-cotton woven from Joann’s

Hardware-My Handmade Space

Eva Buchel

Exterior-Textured vinyl is from Joann’s

Interior-TSM luxury cotton (Rapture)

Hardware-Hardware is from Wizardry Stitchery and IndoLoveCreations

Emilie Kahr (bag1)

Exterior-TSM faux leather (Unwavering)

Interior-TSM Stretch woven dusty purple

Hardware-Emmaline bags and zippers are from Blue Calla

Emilie Kahr (bag2)

Exterior-Emmaline Rex faux leather

Interior-TSM Stretch woven (leopard luxe)

Hardware-Emmaline bags and zippers are from Blue Calla

Krystal Ithomitis

Exterior-Canvas from Blended Threads

Interior-Cotton from local quilt shop

Hardware-my Handmade Space

Teal Keller

Exterior- TSM faux leather (grunge triangles)

Interior-TSM stretch woven (coral)

Hardware-Zippers and Chicago screws are from amazon and D rings and sliders are from Emmaline.

Joy Yamashita (bag1)

Exterior-TSM vinyl (watercolor enchantment), Black vinyl is Joann’s marine vinyl

Interior-cotton woven from local store

Hardware-zipper pull (front) from WMX Sewing Notions, other hardware from Wizardry Stitchery and Strap ends from Idleblooms

Joy Yamashita (bag2)

Exterior-TSM vinyl ( Geo Clouds)

Interior-cotton woven from local store

Hardware-zipper pull (front) from WMX Sewing Notions, other hardware from Wizardry Stitchery and Strap ends from Idleblooms

Denise Wood

Exterior-Croc vinyl from mypunkbriodery

Interior-TSM stretch woven (vapor)

Hardware-Wizardry Stitchery and Sew Sweetness (zippers)

Susan Francis (bag 1)

Exterior- Vinyl is form Fabric Place Basement

Interior- TSM stretch woven (Popart)

Hardware-Amazon and Idleblooms

Susan Francis (bag 2)

Exterior-TSM canvas (Phases of the moon)

Interior- Embroidered silk from Fabric Mart

Hardware-Amazon and Idleblooms

Susi Schuegraf

Exterior-TSM canvas (serene sea form)

Interior-Waterproof canvas from (no SF101 was added)

Hardware-My handmade space

Paula Coleman Barron

Exterior- TSM vinyl (Obscured Lace)

Interior-Cotton woven from personal stash

Hardware-Strap ends from Idleblooms, Zippers from personal stash and other hardware from Joann’s

Rejeana Dizon Ebata

Exterior-TSM faux leather (desert rose) and brown vinyl from mypunkbriodery

Interior-Kona Cotton Solid

Hardware-From Indo Love Kreation

Sierra Wohlers

Exterior-TSM vinyl (tawny leopard), Faux stretch suede from Sincerely Rylee

Interior-TSM luxury cotton (faux linen in white)

Hardware- My Handmade Space, Kamsnaps and More Me Know

Tammy T-Pham

Exterior-TSM vinyl (Electric Fusion)

Interior-Waterproof lining from Weft + Warp Co.

Hardware-Zipper tape, pulls and snap are from Weft + Warp Co. The rest is from Fireweed Stitches. Leather tag is from The Heartwood + Hide Co.

Nikki Scott-

**This bag is modified from the pattern. Middle panel and hand strap were excluded and a card slot was added to the lining of the back section**

Exterior- Fabrictopia marine vinyl

Interior-Sew special quilts cotton woven (teal burlap)

Hardware- Idleblooms, Emmaline, Tandy leather and Joann’s

Alana Conklin Roman (bag 1)

Exterior-TSM faux leather (Teal Melange)

Interior-Fabric from

Hardware-Hardware from Emmaline and zippers from My Handmade Space

Alana Conklin Roman (bag 2)

Exterior-Faux leather from Emmaline bags and Rifle Paper fabric from

Interior-Fabric from

Hardware-Emmaline bags and my handmade space

Interfacing used- Wovenfuse 2 from Barb’s got interfacing.

Kayla Murphy

Exterior-TSM vinyl (Dahlia’s Flowers)

Interior-TSM luxury cotton (faux linen in black)

Hardware-Emmaline bags and Idleblooms

Shelly Andrews

Exterior-White vinyl from Joann’s

Interior-TSM Canvas (grunge pastel lines)

Hardware-Emmaline bags

Tara Rittenhouse

Exterior- TSM Stretch Woven (Pastel Lilac Faux Linen)

Interior- TSM Luxury Cotton (Amethyst in Ashes)

Hardware- Idleblooms

Sonia Jessop

Exterior- Suede from Joann Fabrics

Hardware- Emmaline Bags

Interfacing- Decovil Light

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