Cascade Tester Round Up

The tester round up for the Cascade Crossbody bag is here! Everyone did such an amazing job with their bags. I’m so happy to have such a talented team of testers!


Alex Soelke (bag1)

Exterior- TSM vinyl (Cascade Print)

Interior-Quilting cotton from local store

Hardware-Mixture of hardware from Emmaline, Wizardry Stitchery and Idleblooms

Alex Soelke (bag2)

Exterior- TSM faux leather (wildflowers)

Interior-TSM luxury cotton (faux linen look in Jade)

Hardware-Emmaline bags and strap sliders from Wizardry Stitchery

Alex Soelke (bag3)

Exterior- TSM canvas (abstract leaves) Straps are tan mora faux leather from Emmaline

Interior-Cotton woven from Hobby Lobby

Hardware-Emmaline bags and Wizardry Stitchery

Danielle Allen

Exterior-Faux leather from TSM (Amethyst in Ashes)

Interior-Cotton woven from Joann Fabrics


Nikki Scott

Exterior- Vinyl from TSM (Tender Night), White marine vinyl is from Fabrictopia

Interior-Hunter green cotton woven from Joann Fabrics

Hardware- Idleblooms and Emmaline bags

Susi Schuegraf

Exterior- Vinyl is from Seweird, Contrast and strap vinyl is from FIDM