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ABP and Endurance XC Explained!

What is the difference between ABP (athletic brushed poly) and Endurance XC? Can I use them for more than athletic patterns? Which is more compressive, ABP or XC?

These are questions we hear often on two of TSM's most loved bases. Today, we are going to break all of that down, and talk all things Athletic Brushed poly and Endurance XC!

Let us first compare the two bases. What do they have in common? Both are made up of an 80 percent poly/20 percent lycra content. Both bases have 100% (+) four-way stretch. Both have a great stretch and recovery, as well as a compression factor. The two are ideal for athletic wear in their compression, as well as moisture-wicking qualities. Neither ABP or Endurance pills, which is great for all day wear, and knowing our creations will have longevity. Now, how are they different?

Endurance XC (as pictured above) is slightly more compressive than ABP, though still comfy enough for all day wear. Endurance is a matte fabric with a cool to the touch feel, very similar to the way swim fabric feels against the skin. The weight of Endurance is higher than that of ABP at 280gsm (ABP being 230gsm), which gives it a more structured drape. This sturdy nature makes it perfect for fitted and athletic items such as leggings, sports bras, tanks, etc. Not to mention it is helpful to camouflage the areas we don't want focus on! Endurance is also a great summer base, as the nylon-like cool feel is ideal for when it's sweltering out.

Athletic Brushed Poly (ABP shown above) has a much different texture and feel than Endurance. ABP is incredibly soft to the touch with a brushed texture. It is brushed on both sides, but does not have the 'fuzzy' feeling that can sometimes be associated with Double Brushed Polyester. ABP is smooth on both sides and flowy, yet compressive. The drape of ABP gives it a wide range of versatility. This quality is what makes it a true TSM favorite! Sewists have shared with us their sports bras, leggings, hoodies, dresses, joggers, t-shirts, headbands, jackets, undies, and more sewn in ABP! It, too, is a year round favorite. Being popular for wear, whether it is in the middle of winter, or the height of summer! The smooth, soft texture makes for an amazing legging that isn't season-specific.

A more recent addition to the TSM base line up, but an instant favorite for athletic sets, Endurance XC stays exactly where you want it to all throughout your workout! (Sets and leggings above shown in Endurance XC)

Athletic Brushed Poly also instantly became a favorite for athletics sets upon it's TSM debut! Supportive for a workout, while also being comfy enough for all day wear! (Athletic sets above shown in ABP)

If we dressed both Endurance and ABP up a bit, though, what else could they become?

Wow!! Right?! We love seeing the creativity behind each sew, and how versatile a base can be. The above bodycon dresses, tank dresses, rompers, skirts, overalls, even a basic pair of leggings that became a statement piece of an outfit are all Endurance XC! The possibilities in XC truly are endless.

The same can absolutely be said for Athletic Brushed Poly! As seen above, ABP can become anything from hoodies to a flowing maxi skirt. We truly love seeing the creativity for this base evolve over time. It will always be a favorite athletic base, but to see it become so much more has been exciting and inspiring.

So there we have it! ABP and Endurance explained! We see that they are similar in weight, wearability, compression and moisture wicking, while being different in feel and structure. The love for these two bases continues to grow and grow, and we absolutely understand why!

Thank you, friends, for following along with me, and please show us your amazing ABP and Endurance makes in our facebook group!


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