TSM Influencer Spotlight, September: Danielle Allen

Our September Influencer Spotlight is with Danielle Allen. Danielle is so sweet, talented, and encouraging. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about her!

TSM-Good Morning Danielle! Thank you so much for joining us this morning for our Influencer Spotlight.

Danielle- You are welcome. I am glad to be here.

TSM- How long have you been on the TSM team?

Danielle- I have been with the team for about 2 years. The start of my journey was back in 2019, I believe. Let me check. I started as a Guest Influencer in January of 2020.

TSM- What is something unknown to others or what you consider unique about you.

Danielle- Ummm there really isn’t, I don’t really know.

TSM- Do you do a lot of Do-it-Yourself projects?

Danielle- Yes, we do. We made our own bar for the house and I poured epoxy on the top. It looks so beautiful.

TSM- Besides the bar what other DIY projects have you done?

Danielle- We have made bunk beds and a chicken coup. I really like having chickens.


TSM- What would you say is the hardest part about DIY projects?

Danielle- The hardest part was agreeing on what needs to be done and how, yet listening to what the other person says so we can learn. My husband and I each have our own area of expertise.

TSM- What started you on your sewing journey?

Danielle-I first started with making cloth diapers. I then was asked by someone to make one of those car seat canopies. I told them that I could make it. Then someone else asked me to make a hoodie for their child. I practiced on my own kids first then made a hoodie for that person. One day I decided to make myself a pair of leggings and then it just continued from there. Once my daughter was born, I started making dresses for her.

TSM- What is your favorite tool or technique to use while sewing?

Danielle- The faux flatlock is one of my favorite techniques to use. I really want to get another machine to leave in that set up. That way I do not have to keep re-threading or setting up the machine.

TSM- I agree. Having a separate machine to be left up in any setup or thread would make projects easier.

TSM-What makes Flat lock your favorite?

Danielle- I think I just really love the look and the feel of the flat seams.

TSM- What is your favorite thing to sew?

Danielle- I prefer to sew athletic gear.

TSM- Why?

Danielle-It is basically what I live in. I feel I get the most use out of it.

TSM- What is your all-time favorite pattern?

Danielle- The Boulders leggings by Styla Patterns.

TSM- Do you sew more for yourself or others?

Danielle-I sew for myself and my daughter mostly. I enjoy sewing for my clients too, it just takes longer because I make sure to get everything as close to perfect as I can for them and do not have to worry about when I sew for my household.

TSM- What is your favorite TSM Design?

Danielle-Leopard Glow is my favorite. It was so hard for me to choose. I had to put that and Somber Serpent next to each other. Somber Serpent was a favorite though, but Leopard Glow makes me happier.