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TSM Influencer Spotlight, September: Danielle Allen

Our September Influencer Spotlight is with Danielle Allen. Danielle is so sweet, talented, and encouraging. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about her!

TSM-Good Morning Danielle! Thank you so much for joining us this morning for our Influencer Spotlight.

Danielle- You are welcome. I am glad to be here.

TSM- How long have you been on the TSM team?

Danielle- I have been with the team for about 2 years. The start of my journey was back in 2019, I believe. Let me check. I started as a Guest Influencer in January of 2020.

TSM- What is something unknown to others or what you consider unique about you.

Danielle- Ummm there really isn’t, I don’t really know.

TSM- Do you do a lot of Do-it-Yourself projects?

Danielle- Yes, we do. We made our own bar for the house and I poured epoxy on the top. It looks so beautiful.

TSM- Besides the bar what other DIY projects have you done?

Danielle- We have made bunk beds and a chicken coup. I really like having chickens.


TSM- What would you say is the hardest part about DIY projects?

Danielle- The hardest part was agreeing on what needs to be done and how, yet listening to what the other person says so we can learn. My husband and I each have our own area of expertise.

TSM- What started you on your sewing journey?

Danielle-I first started with making cloth diapers. I then was asked by someone to make one of those car seat canopies. I told them that I could make it. Then someone else asked me to make a hoodie for their child. I practiced on my own kids first then made a hoodie for that person. One day I decided to make myself a pair of leggings and then it just continued from there. Once my daughter was born, I started making dresses for her.

TSM- What is your favorite tool or technique to use while sewing?

Danielle- The faux flatlock is one of my favorite techniques to use. I really want to get another machine to leave in that set up. That way I do not have to keep re-threading or setting up the machine.

TSM- I agree. Having a separate machine to be left up in any setup or thread would make projects easier.

TSM-What makes Flat lock your favorite?

Danielle- I think I just really love the look and the feel of the flat seams.

TSM- What is your favorite thing to sew?

Danielle- I prefer to sew athletic gear.

TSM- Why?

Danielle-It is basically what I live in. I feel I get the most use out of it.

TSM- What is your all-time favorite pattern?

Danielle- The Boulders leggings by Styla Patterns.

TSM- Do you sew more for yourself or others?

Danielle-I sew for myself and my daughter mostly. I enjoy sewing for my clients too, it just takes longer because I make sure to get everything as close to perfect as I can for them and do not have to worry about when I sew for my household.

TSM- What is your favorite TSM Design?

Danielle-Leopard Glow is my favorite. It was so hard for me to choose. I had to put that and Somber Serpent next to each other. Somber Serpent was a favorite though, but Leopard Glow makes me happier.

TSM-What design or print do you wear the most.

Danielle- I wear the Greenstyle rally shorts the most. They get the most wear.


TSM- We would love to support you in your sewing endeavors! Do you have a sewing business we can visit?

Danielle- Yes, I have my business Dabbling with Danielle. You can find it at

TSM- What is something you look forward to sewing in the future?

Danielle- I was talking with a fellow influencer and I want to make one of the Hiraeth bags from Lavender and Twine.

TSM- Have you decided on the print/material you will use yet?

Danielle- I have not decided which prints to use. It will most likely be a faux leather mixed with a solid.

TSM- We cannot wait to see it. We know it will look amazing.

TSM- Danielle we want to thank you for joining us in our September, Influencer Spotlight. You are such an amazing person and have such great talent. It was really nice getting to catch up with you and learning a little bit more.