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Creative Ways the TSM Team has sewn Alcohol Inks!

TSM Alcohol Inks are some of our customers' top favorites! And it is easy to understand why! Each Alcohol Ink design has a unique personality to begin with, but once put in an individual's creative hands, the sky truly is the limit. Time and again we are inspired and truly astonished by what someone creates. Today, we hope to inspire future Alcohol Ink makes by showcasing some of our favorite past TSM Team makes!

We must start with bags. How incredible are these bags in Alcohol Inks? There is something so fun about how different elements of the bag pick up on the unique flow of the inks. Whether a fully Ink bag, or color-blocked, each of these bags has quite the personality!

Another fan favorite for TSM Alcohol Inks is athletic wear! Whether that be a simple pair of leggings, sport shorts, leotards, athletic sets, or a combination, these sets 'wow!' every time! We get excited to see how our team pairs fabrics, patterns, and even thread to create their beautiful sets! Several of these makes, seen below, have inspired us to recreate our own!

Perhaps, you were thinking about a cozy base, like brushed bamboo french terry, though. Or maybe flowy, soft, and cool bamboo lycra. What could you make then? TSM offers a wide array of bases, and that means a wide array of projects! How incredible are these swimsuits, tees, loungers, and more pictured below?

Finally, we want to leave you inspired by a few smaller projects, and a few 'homey' projects. Those things that we make 'just for us'. Perhaps for others as well, perhaps for gifts, but often to brighten our workspaces! To brighten our homes! To brighten our creativity with our favorite fabric designs. Below are a few of our favorite scrap-busters and creative-outlet projects.

We hope getting a glimpse of our amazing TSM Team's many Alcohol Inks have inspired that creative spark within you for your 2024 Alcohol Inks! Time and again our Team and customers alike stun us with their makes. Your creativity knows no bounds, and we look forward to seeing what you will create with the returning favorite Alcohol Inks and the new colorways!

As always, please be sure to share your TSM creations in our Facebook group! We love being inspired by you!

Thank you for following along with me!


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