Ascent Tester Round-Up!

We are thrilled to share with you all of the incredible sews completed during the testing of the Ascent Backpack and Tote! Many of our testers created multiple versions of the Ascent, so we have put together a compilation of those sews, which will help you conceptualize what this pattern looks like in different fabrics and bases. This is also a fantastic resource for supplies, as we include fabric and hardware sources. Enjoy perusing this compilation. I hope you love all of the iterations of the Ascent as much as I do!

-Sonia, Pattern Designer Instagram@DuchessandDukeCo

Sonia Jessop (bag 1)

Exterior: TSM Faux Leather (Pink Melange), TSM Faux Leather (Ascent)

Hardware- Emmaline

Sonia Jessop (bag 2)

Exterior:TSM Faux Leather (Iolite), TSM Faux Leather (Melange Teal)

Hardware: Emmaline and Sallie

Sonia Jessop (bag 3)

Exterior: TSM Faux Leather (Geo Clouds Mauve), TSM Faux Leather (Taupe Faux Linen)

Hardware: Emmaline

Sonia Jessop (bag 4)

Exterior: TSM Canvas (Grunge Vintage Roses)

Hardware: Emmaline and Sallie

Alex Soelke

Exterior: TSM Canvas (Venom Earth), Rex Faux Leather Emmaline

Hardware: Emmaline, Idleblooms

Nikki Scott

Exterior: TSM Vinyl (Tender Night), Cork from local shop

Hardware: Idleblooms

Stephany Combs Boone

Exterior: Vinyl from AitSaidCreations