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Ascent Modifications

We have absolutely loved seeing so many Ascents sewn up by you! We enjoy, too, seeing 'hacks' and customizations that make your Ascent work in ways unique to you! Customizations are incredibly inspiring to us, so we put together a smaller Tester Round-Up that includes a few Ascent mods from our team! Please be sure to share your Ascent, and other TSM pattern modifications in our Facebook group!

Meg Loven

Modifications: 3/4" mini strap, cut mini strap to 3" wide to accommodate hardware size, interfaced cotton lycra base using one layer of SF101 and one layer of Decovil Light (525) to achieve smooth finish.

Fabric: Wanderlust, Marine Vinyl Fabrics, and Walmart

Hardware: IndoLoveKreation, Wizard Stitchery, Amazon, and SewManyCreationsNY

Joy Yamashita

(Bag 1)

Modifications: Webbing used for shoulder straps.

Fabric: Joann Fabrics and Customs by Whitney

Hardware: Weft+Warp, Wizard Stitchery, WMX Sewing Notions, SeamsSoAwesome LLC

Joy Yamashita

(Bag 2)

Modifications: All straps and connectors made using webbing.

Fabric: Joann Fabrics and Oh So Pretty Custom Fabrics

Hardware: Alchemats Materials and Hardware, WMX Sewing Notions

Alana Conklin Roman

Modifications: Lengthened Strap by cutting at 4"x40"

Fabric: Cotton Woven from Blended Threads Fabric, Faux Leather from Emmaline

Hardware: Emmaline

Denise Wood

Modifications: Drawstring and clasp added to interior for keys

Fabric: Faux Leather from BoDeeOh!, Vinyl from MyPunkBroidery

Hardware: Indo Love Kreations, Ohio Travel Bag

Sonia Jessop

(Bag 1)

Modifications: Fold-over extension removed, solid front panel, non--convertible straps (attach to rectangle rings), added top handle

Fabric: TSM Faux Leather (Botanical Garden, small scale), Joann Fabrics

Hardware: Emmaline, Sallie Tomato

Sonia Jessop

(Bag 2)

Modifications: Pattern printed at 110%, fold-over extension removed, full length zipper at top zipper opening

Fabric: TSM Vinyl (Stormy Skies)

Hardware: Sallie Tomato

Eva Buchel

Modifications: Handle added to top of Ascent at fold-over

Fabric: SophieRae and BoDeeOh

Hardware: IndoLoveKreation and Zipahdeedodah

Aren't these mods amazing?! We are so inspired, and we know this is just the beginning! Please share your hacked and modified Ascents with us in our Facebook group! We love being inspired by you as well!

Thank you all!


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