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TSM's Pick-A-Print designs are always available for pre order! No minimum is required to order. Fabric is NOT on hand. On the 1st of every month orders from the previous month will be sent for printing or with the next preorder, whichever submission comes first. Pick-A-Print follows our typical preorder turn around times.

  • ATHLETIC BRUSHED POLYESTER (ABP): 80% Polyester/ 20% Lycra, 230-240 gsm, ~58in wide, 100% 4-way stretch
  • BAMBOO FRENCH TERRY: 95% Bamboo/ 5% Lycra, 280 gsm, ~58in wide, 75% 4-way stretch
  • BAMBOO LYCRA: 95% Bamboo/ 5% Lycra, 240 gsm, ~58in wide, 100/75% stretch
  • CANVAS: 100% Cotton, 250 gsm, ~58in wide, 0% stretch
  • COTTON FRENCH TERRY: 95% Cotton/ 5% Lycra, 260 gsm, ~58in wide, 75% 4-way stretch
  • COTTON LYCRA: 95% Cotton/ 5% Lycra, 180 & 260 gsm, 58in wide, 100% 4-way stretch
  • DOUBLE BRUSHED POLYESTER (DBP): 95% Polyester/ 5% Lycra, 220 gsm,  ~58in wide, 75/50% stretch
  • ENDURANCE XC (EXC): 80% Polyester/ 20% Lycra, 280 gsm, ~58in wide, 100% 4-way stretch
  • FAUX LEATHER: 100% Textured Vinyl, 650 gsm, ~56in wide, 1mm thickness (Cut 18xWOF)
  • LIVERPOOL: 95% Polyester/ 5% Lycra, 220 gsm, ~58in wide, 75/50% stretch
  • LUXURY COTTON: 100% Cotton, 150 gsm, ~58in wide, 0% stretch
  • RAYON CHALLIS: 100% Rayon, 170 gsm, ~50in wide, 0% stretch
  • SOFTSHELL (WOVEN): 391 GSM, 100% Polyester (fleece backed), ~58in wide, 0% stretch

  • SPF 50+ SWIM: 80% Polyester/ 20% Lycra, 270 gsm, ~58in wide, 100% 4-way stretch
  • STRETCH MESH: 95% Polyester/ 5% Lycra, 90 gsm, ~58in wide, 75/75% stretch
  • STRETCH WOVEN: 95% Polyester/ 5% Lycra, 140 gsm, ~58in wide, 25/30% stretch
  • VINYL: 100% Textured Vinyl, 460 gsm, ~56in wide, 1mm thickness (Cut 18xWOF)



***Colors in digital images can differ from actual printed products*** 


PriceFrom $8.00
  • Preorder fabric is NOT in stock fabric. Turn around time is roughly 8 to 10 weeks from order submit date to ship to us, and up to 2 weeks to cut, pack, and ship to customers. Often this turn around is much shorter, however please note that this is only an estimate and can take longer due to things beyond our control (i.e. customs delays, holidays, reprinting). Please see our contact and FAQ page for any or questions or concerns.

    C ontinuous yardage is always a priority, however it is not guaranteed you will receive continuous yardage if you are ordering more than one yard. If you can not accept split yardage, It is asked that you do not place a fabric pre-order. 
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