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Interested in ordering fabrics from TSM? Checkout our Swatchbook which has a swatch of most the different base fabrics TSM carries and prints on. As a bonus you can see some of the random prints TSM has printed in the past. Booklet contains all of the following swatches:

  • ATHLETIC BRUSHED POLYESTER (ABP): 80% Polyester/ 20% Lycra, 230-240 gsm, ~58in wide, 100% 4-way stretch
  • BAMBOO FRENCH TERRY: 95% Bamboo/ 5% Lycra, 280 gsm, ~58in wide, 75% 4-way stretch
  • BAMBOO LYCRA: 95% Bamboo/ 5% Lycra, 240 gsm, ~58in wide, 100/75% stretch
  • CANVAS: 100% Cotton, 250 gsm, ~58in wide, 0% stretch
  • COTTON FRENCH TERRY: 95% Cotton/ 5% Lycra, 260 gsm, ~58in wide, 75% 4-way stretch
  • COTTON LYCRA: 95% Cotton/ 5% Lycra, 180 & 260 gsm, 58in wide, 100% 4-way stretch
  • DOUBLE BRUSHED POLYESTER (DBP): 95% Polyester/ 5% Lycra, 220 gsm,  ~58in wide, 75/50% stretch
  • EMERGE: 73% Polyester/ 27% Lycra, 230 gsm, ~58in wide, 100/75% 4-way stretch
  • ENDURANCE XC (EXC): 80% Polyester/ 20% Lycra, 280 gsm, ~58in wide, 100% 4-way stretch
  • ENIGMA: 77% Polyester/ 23% Lycra, 240 gsm, ~58in wide, 100/75% 4-way stretch
  • FAUX LEATHER: 100% Textured Vinyl, 650 gsm, ~56in wide, 1mm thickness (Cut 18xWOF)
  • LIVERPOOL: 95% Polyester/ 5% Lycra, 220 gsm, ~58in wide, 75/50% stretch
  • LUXURY COTTON: 100% Cotton, 150 gsm, ~58in wide, 0% stretch
  • RAYON CHALLIS: 100% Rayon, 170 gsm, ~50in wide, 0% stretch
  • SOFTSHELL (WOVEN): 391 GSM, 100% Polyester (fleece backed), ~58in wide, 0% stretch

  • SPF 50+ SWIM: 80% Polyester/ 20% Lycra, 270 gsm, ~58in wide, 100% 4-way stretch
  • STRETCH MESH: 95% Polyester/ 5% Lycra, 90 gsm, ~58in wide, 75/75% stretch
  • STRETCH WOVEN: 95% Polyester/ 5% Lycra, 140 gsm, ~58in wide, 25/30% stretch
  • VINYL: 100% Textured Vinyl, 460 gsm, ~56in wide, 1mm thickness (Cut 18xWOF)
  • YOGA: 73% Polyester/ 27% Lycra, 260 gsm, ~58in wide, 80% stretch


***Colors in digital images can differ from actual printed products*** 


  • Flaws NOT covered:

    • With Digital Reactive Ink printing, there may be occasionally flaws throughout the fabric. Especially with custom printed or dyed fabrics this is not unusual, especially to have flaws close to the selvage, tiny speckles throughout the design, heathering in some colors, or extra ink absorption. Flaws smaller than a quarter and/or within 6 inches of the selvage are not considered flaws.
    • Uneven selvages. Fabric is always cut straight at the top and bottom with the pattern of the fabric ensuring you get a full cut of even printed fabric. Depending on how it was rolled on the bolt and stretched, it may not always line up on the sides perfectly, its knit and stretchy. 
    • Marker marks at end of cut by printer and general printing marks on the backside of fabric. If it does not interfere or damage the front of the printed side of the fabric it is not covered.
    • Color variations between bases. Variations are normal due to different printing processes. Slight color variations from the strike-offs to the bulk round order are not uncommon. Also, please be aware that slight fading of fabrics after washing is not a flaw.
    • All fabric is prewashed by the printer; since we can not control your fabric washing and care routines discounts will not be issued for shrinkage.
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