FABRIC CONTENT: 100% Woven Cotton

WEIGHT:150 gsm
WIDTH: Appox. 58in wide



$23.50 Regular Price
$16.45Sale Price
Color: Red
  • Our fabric bases are approximately 56-58 in in width with a minimum width of 54 in from selvage to selvage (sometime this may vary slightly between bases). Yardage is cut long to ensure you have at least a full 36 in of useable fabric per yard. Width may vary across fabric bases. With cotton lycra, you are guaranteed 56 in width of fabric.


    Things that are not covered:
    • Due to the digital printing process, there will occasionally be specks or flecks throughout the print. With custom fabrics this is not unusual, especially to have flaws close to the selvage, tiny speckles throughout the design or heathering in some colors. Specks, flecks or flaws smaller than a quarter and/or within 6 inches of the selvage are not considered flaws.
    • Quality control holes included in additional yardage beyond 36 in is not covered as it is considered bonus yardage at no cost to you.
    • Uneven selvages. Fabric is always cut straight at the top and bottom with the pattern of the fabric ensuring you get a full cut of even printed fabric. Depending on how it was rolled on the bolt and stretched, it may not always line up on the sides perfectly, its knit and stretchy. The sides are often scrunched up, try washing and ironing it. In some cases you may receive FREE overages where the start of the cut was not cut straight during manufacturing and instead of cutting it off you will receive that extra uneven portion free in addition to the amount you ordered.
    • Marker marks at end of cut by printer. Sometimes we receive rolls that have a small number or marks written on the backside of the fabric at the end of a cut or start of new roll. Instead of cutting this off and tossing it, we leave it and over cut your yardage giving you more than what you paid for. We do not refund or compensate because you received a cut with this on the edge. Measure your fabric and you will see you received more than what you paid for, it is like a little added freebie!
    • General printing marks on the backside of fabric. If it does not interfere or damage the front of the printed side of the fabric it is not covered.
    • Color variations between bases. Variations are normal due to different printing processes. Slight color variations from the strike-offs to the bulk round order are not uncommon. Also, please be aware that slight fading of fabrics after washing is not a flaw and you will not be issued a refund for this.
    • All fabric is prewashed by the printer; since we can not control your fabric washing and care routines discounts will not be issued for shrinkage.
    • We do not cover packages that are claimed missing but show as delivered or damaged in transit by the carrier; this is something that must be handled with the USPS. Please contact us so that we can help you if you are unsure of how to locate your package.
    If you have a question about whether or not something you received has flaws, please contact us. We do our best to look the yardage over thoroughly but we are human and we may miss things occasionally but we try to ensure the highest quality fabric is sent to our customers only.
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