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TSM Influencer Spotlight, November: Tori Priest

November has arrived and leaves have started to change. This month we are excited for you to

learn more about the wonderful Tori Priest. Tori is our November Influencer Spotlight. She

comes with many years of sewing experience, is super fun, and a person who enjoys a

challenge. Enjoy getting to know Tori a little bit more!

TSM: Good morning, Tori! Thank you so much for meeting with us today. You are one of our

international influencers. Where are you located? Canada?

Tori: Yes, I am located in Canada. Manitoba, Canada to be exact

TSM: I am unfamiliar with where that is located. Is that in the western part or more of the

central part of the country?

Tori: Manitoba is pretty much in the middle of the country. We are considered to be part of the

“Western Canada”. Familiarly known as the Prairies.

TSM: That is really interesting. The scenery must be beautiful with all the trees and how green it


Tori: It is a pretty great country with a lot of variety from province to province! There is a lot to


TSM: The picture you are painting sounds amazing. What do you love the most about where

you live?

Tori: We live in a small town and I love the amount of open space that comes with living rurally. I

am used to it taking an hour to get to the city. I have to say one of my favorite date nights is just

going out for a drive with my husband looking at farmer’s field.

TSM: That sounds like a fantastic date with your husband. The view sounds beautiful.

TSM: What sparked your interest in sewing?

Tori: About 9 years ago, I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. Everyone was a little

skeptical and kept asking me "but what are you going to sew?". I would answer "I don't

know, I just really want to learn!"

TSM: Nine years. That is a long time! That is very inspiring. How long did you have to wait

to get the machine you asked for?

Tori: I received it that Christmas. It is a fairly standard Singer Stylist that I still use today.

Nothing too fancy. But she keeps up with me! A few years later I asked for a serger for

Christmas. That really upped my sewing game!

TSM: A serger is a great sewing tool to have in the sewing room don't you think? It really

helps with sewing knit fabrics.

What was your first thing you sewed with the Singer stylist?

Tori: Yeah. I always tell people I can sew anything on my sewing machine, but my serger

and cover stitch make the job go faster!

The first thing I sewed... I think it was some elastic wrap around bookmark things I found a

free pattern for on Pinterest.

TSM: I agree.

TSM: What would be your most used or most loved sewing tool? This can also be a

technique used.

Tori: I really love my LDH Scissors. Having a good pair of scissors just makes life so much

easier!! (I hate using a rotary cutter).

TSM: I agree. Good Scissors are a must. May I ask why you do not like using a rotary


Tori: I will use one with a hard ruler for cutting bands or quilt pieces, but I just don't feel I

have good control trying to do paper patterns.

TSM: Thank you for sharing. I really liked hearing others' perspectives on why they do not

use a specific tool.

TSM: Who do you sew for the most?

Tori: My kids. Only because they outgrow their clothes, and I don't, ha ha! The kids and I

have about 95% of our wardrobe that is made by me.

TSM: That is a large percentage of me made clothes. I bet they love it. Kids grow super


Tori: This will take a moment of thought...

TSM: Take your time.

Tori: Well, I guess that I am a bit of a 'jack of all trades' when it comes to sewing. I will try

sewing anything at least once! I've made stuffies and dolls. I make woven and knit clothes.

I've sewn bags, denim jackets, costumes, chair covers, curtains, toys and quilts. I've

reupholstered chairs. If it has to do with fabric, I will try! But I will only mend/alter articles of

clothing for those I really really really love - so don't ask me to hem your pants!

TSM: You really are a sewing queen. The amount of items you have done is amazing.

Reupholstering chairs has to be time consuming. Have you made seat covers for vehicles


Tori: No, but my dad asked me to redo some on his boat, ha ha. That project hasn't ever

really taken off. Which I am kind of happy about because he is a perfectionist, and I would

be worried about ruining it.

TSM: What an honor for him to ask. You could definitely accomplish it.

You have sewn so many things which is amazing. What is your favorite thing to sew?

Tori: That is a tough one. I love a good quick sew like a hoodie or leggings. But I really love

a project that challenges me and I can look at and go WOW! So right now, bags would

probably be my favorite thing to sew.

TSM: Bag making is addicting. Now this may be a harder question for you. What is your

current Favorite pattern to sew?

Tori: If it is clothing, Boulder Leggings. Because they aren't just basic, they have extra

details, and pockets! And they are my favorite pants that I wear daily. I have 5 pairs in my

closet right now.

Bag projects I would say I LOVE my Magnolia Wallet. I was super intimidated before I

started, even though bag making isn't new to me, but I LOVE how it came together and I

have been using it every day since I finished it! I have wanted to make a wallet for a while

(years) but hadn't found the right pattern until this one was released.

TSM: You just need 2 more Boulders and you will have one for every day of the week. The

Magnolia wallet comes together so nicely.

TSM: What is your favorite TSM design?

Tori: Tawny Leopard (and most of the leopard spin offs!). I got to sew it up last winter and it

won my heart. I hadn't been into animal print fabrics before, and it totally change my world!

(Okay maybe that is being a bit dramatic, but it is love).

TSM: There is no such thing as being too dramatic. Tawny Leopard is an amazing print.

What was your favorite sew with Tawny Leopard?

Tori: I made a Bodycon Dress by Rain City Patterns which I loooooove! I am thinking it

would make an amazing bag in the future too though.

TSM: That sounds so beautiful. I cannot wait to see it.

TSM: How can we support you in your sewing ventures?

Tori: How about TSM just keeps cranking out new bag patterns for me to sew up! They

always stretch me in the best ways possible. If you do not mind sharing my Instagram too

that would be great.

TSM: That is one thing we can definitely do. So happy to hear you love our bag patterns.

TSM: One last question. Is there an item, pattern, or something you want to make in the


Tori: The new Kodiak jacket by Styla patterns that was just released. It is on my special "to

do'' list. I just haven't decided which TSM print to order in softshell yet! It is already too cold

here for it, but it will be a great jacket for spring! So, once my Christmas sewing is all

complete, I hope to dive into it.

TSM: You will love that jacket. Maybe a tawny leopard and black softshell Kodiak is in your


Tori: Oh, now you are talking! My daughter has a tawny leopard jacket already and I have

been jealous. So, that is a great idea!

TSM: Tori you are such a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for spending time with

us this morning. I have learned so much about you.

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