TSM Influencer Spotlight, November: Tori Priest

November has arrived and leaves have started to change. This month we are excited for you to

learn more about the wonderful Tori Priest. Tori is our November Influencer Spotlight. She

comes with many years of sewing experience, is super fun, and a person who enjoys a

challenge. Enjoy getting to know Tori a little bit more!

TSM: Good morning, Tori! Thank you so much for meeting with us today. You are one of our

international influencers. Where are you located? Canada?

Tori: Yes, I am located in Canada. Manitoba, Canada to be exact

TSM: I am unfamiliar with where that is located. Is that in the western part or more of the

central part of the country?

Tori: Manitoba is pretty much in the middle of the country. We are considered to be part of the

“Western Canada”. Familiarly known as the Prairies.

TSM: That is really interesting. The scenery must be beautiful with all the trees and how green it


Tori: It is a pretty great country with a lot of variety from province to province! There is a lot to


TSM: The picture you are painting sounds amazing. What do you love the most about where

you live?

Tori: We live in a small town and I love the amount of open space that comes with living rurally. I

am used to it taking an hour to get to the city. I have to say one of my favorite date nights is just

going out for a drive with my husband looking at farmer’s field.

TSM: That sounds like a fantastic date with your husband. The view sounds beautiful.