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Sewing TSM Double Sided Minky

Have you had the chance to work with Double Sided Minky yet? If so, what have you created? Do you find you prefer to have a specific project in mind when sewing minky? Do you like to experiment with all kinds of projects, seeing if your mashed and hacked vision will come to life? Or a bit of both?

I hadn't sewn minky until very recently. I had brushed past it several times in fabric shops, but it was never a base I thought to reach for! After my first go with TSM double sided minky I was hooked. It took just pulling it out of the mailer to fall completely in love. The fabric itself was so incredibly soft, and the print was as vibrant as can be!

What does TSM Double Sided Minky (DSM) look like? TSM DSM is a super plush double-sided fabric that is 340-360gsm. has a lot of stretch at 100% horizontal stretch/25% vertical stretch, and keeps you warm and cozy as you wear! TSM DSM is printed on one side while the back side remains a beautiful white. TSM Double Sided Minky prints incredibly vivid! It is truly stunning to work with!

When I had ordered my first bit of double sided minky, I knew it would become joggers and a cozy top for my daughter, but once it arrived, I very much considered serging the ends and letting her keep the yardage as a simple blanket! I love just how versatile this base has already become for my girls! It is as fun to sew as it is to wear!

The first sew I made was that joggers set to lounge in, as mentioned. My daughter struggles with jeans and leggings but loves joggers. I thought she would be over-the-moon excited to have a new pair of joggers in double sided minky (DSM)! The height of cozy and luxuriousness for an eight-year old! Not to mention the print is her absolute favorite! Goodness, was I right! What was even better was that the set ended up being perfect for mix-n-match! She could pair the top with a solid bottom, wear a tee with the joggers for a sporty-casual day, or pair a denim jacket with the joggers for something cute to wear out and about, or toss on both items for a comfy day of lounging. I cannot count how many times she has worn both pieces since sewing, which means I cannot count how many times I have already washed both pieces, and the colors in the print as are bright as the day I opened the package! A total win-win-win project for both me and her!

Our Team at The Styled Magnolia has sewn some beautiful and unique creations this year with Double Sided Minky. Joggers and cozy tops are definite go-to's, but our team has also created things like baby bibs, burp cloths, stuffed animals, and even zipper pouches!! Below we've included a few of our Team's makes for more DSM inspiration! (Aren't the colors just stunning??)

Aren't these all incredible sews? It's easy to imagine how dreamy soft each project is in real life, isn't it?

I quickly realized that the scraps left behind from my own minky sews were going to make for some of the most incredible scrap-buster projects! My eldest daughter had seen a 'spa-headband' at the checkout of a store recently and asked if she could have one. I instantly pictured headbands and earwarmers from my minky scraps! I scoured the internet for pattern companies' scrap-busters, blog writer's DIY versions, and nothing quite was what I was seeing in my head. So, I experimented a bit and came up with a knotted version that fit my girls well! Below I'll walk you through how I created this! I know every future minky sew will result in many of these headbands because my girls all instantly loved them! The best part is, with a little playing around with measurements anyone can recreate this to suit their size preference!

+To begin, I cut a piece of minky 5" x 20" (I had the highest stretch percentage running the length of the piece, but with this style I think you'd be ok to cut opposite if need be)

+I next serged each long side edge to both give the minky a polished finish, and also to help the DSM stop shedding.

+I then folded each long edge over toward the wrong side by about 1/2" and used a zig-zag stitch to topstitch in place. (I think you would be ok to topstitch with a long straight stitch, too!)

+Once the long edges were topstitched, I tied a medium-tight knot in the center of my minky piece.

+After the knot was tied, I added two basting stitches to each short edge to allow me to easily gather the sides later. (One basting stitch at about 1/4" in from the edge and another at about 1/2" inward.)

+I then cut a scrap piece of cotton woven 3" x 7.5". I pressed each short edge in toward the center by about 1/2".

+Next, I folded the cotton woven right sides together along the length. The pressed edges stayed in place, though you could unfold, sew, and then refold into place. I sewed along the long edge using a 1/2" seam allowance and turned right side out.

+I then cut a 3" piece of 1" elastic and measuring about 3/4"=1" in on each short side of my cotton woven casing made a mark.

+Using my turning tool, I pulled my elastic into the cotton casing I had just made. I pulled one edge of the elastic to just PAST the marking I had made. I pinned the elastic in place at that edge and topstitched well to secure. I then did the same with the opposite side.

+ With the casing ready for the rest of the headband, I took one short edge of my headband and pulled the gathering stitches. I folded the topstitched edges toward the back to give the headband that pretty tapered look and adjusted the gathers so that the headband slid into one open end of the casing perfectly.

+Once the minky end of the headband was perfect, I slid it into the casing, clipped it in place, and tacked very well to secure. I then repeated the same with the other side.

+My headband was complete!!

This project sews up so quickly! Adjustments would be minimal to size up or down for toddler and adult! Honestly, this cute dino one was comfortable for even me to wear. I really enjoyed bringing to life the different bits and pieces of inspirations photos and rtw headbands I had seen. If you try your hand at a knotted headband with your TSM scraps, we'd love to see you share in our Facebook group! (And any other Double Sided Minky scrap-busters you may have tried already!)

Thank you for following along with me! This base was recently new to me, but has quickly become very much loved in my home! We cannot wait to see your TSM Double Sided Minky sews and projects in the future!


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