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Equinox Yoga and Gym Bag Tester Round-Up!

Presenting our Equinox Tester Round-Up! Containing both Tester Yoga and Gym bags in one place with where our Team sourced their hardware and fabrics. Enjoy!

Equinox Yoga Bag (available in Small, Medium, and Large)

Sonia Jessop (medium):

Fabric- TSM Canvas (Equinox), TSM Stretch Mesh

Hardware-TSM and Sallie Tomato

Sonia Jessop (Large):

Fabric-TSM Luxury Cotton (Malevolent Rose)

Hardware- TSM and Sallie Tomato

Holly Lange (Bag 1 Large):

Fabric- TSM Canvas (Bokeh Lights), TSM Stretch Woven

Hardware- Idleblooms

Holly Lange (Bag 2 Small):

Fabric- Joann Fabrics and local shop

Hardware- Idleblooms and Joann Fabrics