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Dogwood Bags Dispenser Testers!

The Styled Magnolia is so excited to release our first Freebie pattern, the Dogwood Bags Dispenser! This fun accessory is the perfect way to use scrap fabric and match our pups to our own TSM creations!

Our Team put sewed so many cute Dogwood Bags Dispensers for their pups and put several different fabrics to the test! Your TSM Canvas, Luxury Cotton, and Stretch Woven scrap pieces are perfect for this project, but our team tried Vinyl, Faux Leather, and Jelly, also, just to name a few!

Our Tester Team also had fun finding other uses and purposes for Dogwood! Some left the Bags Opening in the bottom to easily access things like tissues, while others did a solid body version (steps on how to do this are included in the Tutorial) and clipped them to their children's backpacks, work lanyards, belt loops, and other TSM patterns, such as the Ascent backpack and tote! Our team also experimented with other connectors, such as keychain rings, and found those worked fantastically! We were excited to be able to showcase these as well! Dogwood is such a quick and fun sew, and we loved the creativity and diversity of use our Team brought to this pattern!