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Capparis Belt Bag Tester Round-up!

We are thrilled to announce TSM's newest pattern, the Capparis Belt Bag! Capparis is the perfect bag to customize to your needs, whether you're just going for a quick walk, or a longer day outing! Traveling hands free is always a bonus, but with Capparis you can choose the perfect size for you, whether that be Small, Medium, or Large, and choose the Wear Variation that speaks most to your personal style! We hope you love Capparis as much as we do!

Below you will find the Tester Round-Up where you get a more in depth look at our amazingly talented Tester's Capparis'. Their materials used are listed to help give you inspiration as you begin to make your own Capparis!

Thank you for joining us!

-Tara Rittenhouse, Capparis Belt Bag Designer

Tara Rittenhouse (Capparis White, Bag 1)

Exterior-TSM Canvas

Interior-TSM Luxury Cotton

Hardware & Webbing- Idlebloom, MyHandmadeSpace, Bedazzled Supplies

Size: Small, Wear Variation 3

Tara Rittenhouse (Capparis Black, Bag 2)

Exterior-TSM Canvas

Interior-TSM Luxury Cotton

Hardware & Webbing-Idlebloom, TSM, IndoLoveKreation

Size: Medium, Wear Variation 1

Tara Rittenhouse (Bag 3)

Exterior-Marine Vinyl from Joann Fabrics

Interior-TSM Canvas

Hardware & Webbing-TSM, IndoLoveKreation, and Bedazzled Supplies

Size: Large, Wear Variation 2

Tara Rittenhouse (Summer Glow, Bag 4)

Exterior-TSM Faux Leather and Marine Vinyl from Joann Fabrics

Interior-TSM Stretch Woven

Hardware & Webbing: Idlebloom, Bedazzled Supplies, TSM

Size: Large, Wear Variation 3